Happy post-4th (did you steal Apple Jacks from a two year old, too?)! Hey.. didja see my guest post for Lisa @ I’m an Oakie? Go look. AND.. there’s still time to enter my Gotein giveaway! Go enter! Now. I celebrated July 4th weekend most appropriately. In a pretty red, white, and blue dress. With […]


I’m So Greek.

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I always say that. Because it’s comical… cause I’m very clearly the least Greek girl in the world with my German/French/British blonde hair and blue eyes. But since Anastasia’s Greek, and I obviously want to be just like all my best friends, I like pretending I’m Greek. ‘Cause my naaame’s Greek! And I’m going to […]


NO STRESS FRACTURE. AH YEAAAH! (can we just talk about how good looking I am? MAN, that’s a nice screen capture up there.) I’m psyched. You should be psyched. These girls were psyched. I’m choosing to treat my shin issues aggressively. I will be going to my Active Release Technique therapy twice a week until […]


Lucky you guys… I made a new video! Jacqueline is a reader, fellow runner, and a friend of mine from college. We used to run together on side-by-side treadmills every day after class. Oh, the memories. She suggested I figure out a way to show how I warm up and stretch my shins to prevent/rehabilitate […]

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Chloe turned 8 weeks old a few days ago. What a great excuse to make the first bLyss video! Enjoy a 40 second clip of Chloe hopping around thinking my camera is her toy, of which I’m so rudely denying her. And check out her attacking me at the end and almost taking my finger […]

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