the Bachelorette

This week, as I turn on the T.V. to start the best part of Monday, I’m suddenly reminded of what I have to look forward to. TWO nights of… Buckle up, y’all. Sidenote: I swear I read something a past contestant posted that the girls aren’t allowed to bring weights, leave the property to run, […]


I did it. I’m back. I watched the Bachelorette, and I have time to blog about it. How better to kick off Episode 2 of JoJo’s bachelorette season than with 1 million fire similes and metaphors?! By now, the dudes have already bonded (save for Chad, who sits in the corner sulking, eating, or using […]


To avoid suffering the wrath of all of you, I’ve learned I need to write at least one Bachelor-related post this season. I apologize I haven’t been more on top of things, but y’all. Life be cray. Lately, once I get the time to sit and write something up, I don’t have the inspiration, and I refuse to […]


Honestly, my lack of posting about The Bachelorette this season hasn’t even been for the reasons I wish it was. No, I haven’t become any more high brow, and yes, I’m still watching. Just color me hashtag unimpressed, hashtag uninspired by this season. Which is a huge letdown, because I was so pumped for Kaitlyn […]


Mondays. Suck. But these things don’t. You’re welcome. The 121 best dancing GIFs of all time. Featuring a few of my faves: (anyone reading this who performed in Pippin or Aida with me and can really appreciate this?)If you know me at all, you know I have a serious love for GIFs and using them […]


Welp, it’s a good thing some of you voiced your anticipation of Bachelorette(s) posts in the life of blyss reader survey, because I’ve got one for ya today. And to those of you who said they’re not a fan of these, I promise, they won’t be all that’s taking up space here on LOB. (psst, […]


Twelve Things Tuesday

December 23, 2014 · 8 comments”

1. I am blasting Hanson Snowed in from my office AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT. It is, and will remain, the best Christmas album I have yet to own. I love you guys, Straight No Chaser, and I’ll always adore the Glee holiday tunez, but nothing gets me in the holiday spirit like […]


I’m so glad I planned to get up this morning around 6:30 for a run. Cause if I wasn’t going to bed early, the competitive edge in me would have come out last night. And I most definitely would have dominated a drinking game made from the phrases “dot dot dot,” “Bentley,” and “closure.” If […]


For Good

May 25, 2011 · 19 comments

Oookay, who else from my high school choir got choked up when Glee sang “For Good” last night? It was our graduation song, and I still remember squeezing Maggie and Meim’s hands as we sang our last song before graduation. Oh, the good ol’ days. I miss my Jersey girls! there we are… little babies […]

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