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I did it. I’m back. I watched the Bachelorette, and I have time to blog about it. How better to kick off Episode 2 of JoJo’s bachelorette season than with 1 million fire similes and metaphors?! By now, the dudes have already bonded (save for Chad, who sits in the corner sulking, eating, or using […]


To avoid suffering the wrath of all of you, I’ve learned I need to write at least one Bachelor-related post this season. I apologize I haven’t been more on top of things, but y’all. Life be cray. Lately, once I get the time to sit and write something up, I don’t have the inspiration, and I refuse to […]


I don’t even know what just happened, y’all. That was the most unpredictable string of behaviors by one Bachelor I think I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been a huge fan of this week. It’s a lot of feelings, hot tubs, rose petals, sunburns, and people agreeing to the fantasy suite pretending like they’re just going […]


I can’t handle these girls anymore. I just can’t. So, you’re the girl who drank an embarrassing amount while on the Bachelor (hashtag totally here for the right reasons!) and got sent home after your second drunk escapade. Please tell me what possesses you to come back and expect the dude you disrespected to give […]


“I have no feelings. I feel nothing. I am who I am.” Perfect conclusion to your Bachelor career, Ashley S. I’m convinced the girl was on a mission to say the things no one has ever said on the show. That, and win the award for creepiest stare on the planet. I haven’t yet decided […]


I love talking about the atrocities of The Bachelor with my friend, Bryan. He dignifies my girl crushes and he gives a decent male perspective on the whole thing. So, as Bryan says, I’m pulling a Chris Harrison and giving him the Jimmy Kimmel reins for this week’s Bachelor Recap. To be completely transparent, there […]


The Bachelor’s Back.

January 6, 2015 · 16 comments

Crazy Girls. Alcohol. Bad prom dresses. Attitudes. Ah, Bachelor season. You’re in for it, Farmer Chris. Hopefully you won’t regret missing harvest for the first time in your life. This premier was SO. LONG. Honestly, with how early I get up, I wasn’t sure I would make it until the end. But predictably, I couldn’t […]


Twelve Things Tuesday

December 23, 2014 · 8 comments”

1. I am blasting Hanson Snowed in from my office AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT. It is, and will remain, the best Christmas album I have yet to own. I love you guys, Straight No Chaser, and I’ll always adore the Glee holiday tunez, but nothing gets me in the holiday spirit like […]


You guys asked, so I’m telling you. I was tempted to not touch this season of the Bachelor. You guys know all about my Sean thoughts and feelings. (source) The second Sean waltzed into frame on The Bachelorette, I had a pretty immediate reaction. (source) “THAT GUY. He’s my favorite.” “…No, not for Emily. For […]


Did you hear the news? via Meet your (rumored) new Bachelorette. Upside: it won’t be Creepy Courtney and her lack of lips. Downside: I’d be more entertained watching a tumbleweed date 25 men than boring ol’ Emily. (original photo via) Yes, I rooted for Emily in Brad’s season. She’s obviously gorgeous, she had the “poor […]

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