skin cancer awareness

Howdy, hi, hello! I know, I know. Autumn is here, and I’m talking about sun safety. BUT. Although the temperatures are cooler, see that bright thing up in the sky? The sun is still shining on us, and we’ve still gotta protect our skin from it. Since it’s been a hot minute since I threw […]


I’m On The News!

June 1, 2015 · 5 comments

When Anne McNamara of the NOW national news (ABC News Denver) reached out to me about interviewing with her about my history with melanoma, I was excited. As y’all know, I’ll jump on any chance I can to spread skin cancer awareness. Especially this time of year, when everyone has forgotten over the winter how […]


I’m super lucky that my “battle” with skin cancer has been solely kept to the scalpel removal of my malignant and abnormal skin cells. My arms, back, and chest are pretty scarred up, and although they aren’t pretty, I’ll take that over having to go through any chemotherapy or radiation. And I pray I’ll never […]


I promised I’d let you know how the skin cancer assembly went. I only had a few minutes for my portion of the presentation, so I kept it pretty simple and told my story to the high school students. Here I am, after a panel of three other speakers, telling high school students why they […]


Life without stitches is so liberating. Without the stitches, I’m much more flexible and limber. I’m bendy like a twisty bobcat pretzel. I want to do the chicken dance all day just because I can finally flap my wings without it hurting. And here’s the part where I ask you all to help me spread […]


Post Surgery Check-In

February 10, 2012 · 89 comments

Slowly but surely, I’m riding the road to recovery from skin cancer surgery. I’m actually moving mountains over here. I can now dress myself and take my jacket off all by myself. Suddenly, I’m a toddler again, all excited about “doin’ it all by mahself!” So, now that I’m off my pain medicine and able […]

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