Last month, I was running very frequently in addition to my Pure Barre schedule. My body was craving cardio, and I was going after it about 5 times each week. Then, all of a sudden, my knees rebelled. I’ve never really had knee issues (shin splits and IT band tightness, sure). I was feeling slight […]


In talking with my friends who run for fun or are in training for races, I realized so few people take proper precautions to ensure safety while running. Here, I’ve compiled 10 of my favorite ways to ensure safety while running. 1. Change up your routine Is it just me, or do you always wonder […]


I’m switching gears to take a breath from my immense excitement over The Bachelorette(s) premier tonight to talk about running. If you’re not a runner and would rather dish about mindless things like reality T.V., weigh in here about the contestants we’re going to meet tonight. I’ll be poppin’ bottles at 8:00 p.m. sharp. ETA: […]


Another Surgery

April 17, 2015 · 12 comments”

You all know about my history with melanoma. I had two back in 2012, and I’m scarred up and cancer free now. I was very hesitant to try a new dermatologist now that I live in Richmond, since my awesome derm in Virginia Beach is the one who caught my two melanoma, three basal cells, […]


Look who finally came out of running hibernation. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, and it just so happened to be my favorite running temp (65 degrees, and even a little warmer in the sunshine). I hadn’t laced up my sneaks since January 6. There are a lot of excuses to insert here. One, I […]


Guys. I feel like we’re old friends in need of a serious catchup session. So pull up a chair, pour your glass of vino, and let’s dish about the latest. But seriously. I feel so out of touch with the entire blog world, and my heart is happy to be stepping back in, one toe […]


Nap Drunk

October 11, 2012 · 18 comments

I. Can’t. Stop. I’m going to turn into a half-peanut-half-candy-corn. I have a dish of them in my living room, and every time I have company over, I may as well be tipping the dish into my mouth. I can’t stop refilling the dish. Somebody needs to do something about this. I have become that […]


September Accomplishments

September 13, 2012 · 23 comments

As you know, running took a back seat this summer in my fitness plan. It felt really good to not prioritize running for a while, focused on boot camp, and got in a short run here and there whenever I had the chance. I spent the summer feeling like all my workouts were just “fit […]


I owe you guys a running update. You’ve probably been visiting LOB lately thinking, “What the heck? What happened to Alyssa, the runner, who would engage me with all kids of running anecdotes, tips and tricks, and failures? Has she splatted on the sidewalk again lately? What’s going on?” Well. Thankfully, there has been no […]


This post is going to be a ginormous update full of A.D.D. I know I’ve been M.I.A., but I swear, I have good excuses. 🙂 One. I’m OFFICIALLY self-hosted now! Thanks to Seth @ Boy Meets Food (thank you for the rec, Julie, he was awesome), I’m now with Bluehost and available at Ah […]

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