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You’re a barre regular. You know the drill so well, you could probably teach a class. Experts say you should keep your body guessing to sustain maximum peak performance, so now that you’re a barre aficionado, what can you do to push yourself a little harder? 1. Now that you’ve got your form down, focus […]


If you’ve been following my snapchat [username: @ablyssa] or my instagram, you know I’m back to reality after our annual trip to North Myrtle Beach, SC. Real life is hard. I did every single morning run on the beach. After being used to the Richmond streets, the ocean breeze was awesome (unless it’s blowing against […]


Simply The Best

March 23, 2015 · 19 comments

Yesterday was simply the best. My Pure Barre studio hosted an #AMYSTRONG class to benefit my sister in her second fight against breast cancer. We had a completely full house, and the energy was absolutely amazing. I was so frazzled and emotionally overwhelmed, I’m certain I was spinning around like The Tasmanian Devil as I […]


We’ve all hit the workout plateau before. After you’ve been taking a certain fitness class for a while, it’s possible you’ll hit a weight loss plateau, a stagnant level of perceived challenge, or a need to reignite your passion for the exercise. Keeping in mind tricks like these always seem to help me push myself […]


Why Barre Classes Work

February 2, 2015 · 38 comments

Recently, an article was published (see it here) about how ineffective the barre workout is. The success I see in myself as a client and Pure Barre teacher, in my fellow instructors, and the inspirational clients around me are what propelled me to post this rebuttal.   Most people know I could go on forever […]



My 26th year was a tough one. Although I’d thought I’d seen the worst of it, for me, 2014 is what I’ll affectionately dub “a rebuilding year,” as the sports world likes to call it. But, where there’s an end, there’s a new beginning. And I’m lucky to say I’ve had a lot of new […]


If a year ago someone told me I’d be saying what I’m about to tell you, I’d tell them they were cray. Seriously cray. Cray cray. I do little to no cardio these days. If I can sneak some cardio in twice a week, that’s a great week. Three times a week? Maybe, but probably […]



I’ve now had over two months of funemployment. After being laid off, I’ve been keeping myself busy with a myriad of activities. But I’ve still got a lot to accomplish. Wait, no. What I need to accomplish is finding a full-time job. But still, I’ve been reflecting on my little adventure. There’s been so much […]


I’ve been bombarding you with a lot of Pure Barre talk. Partially, this is because my life revolves around my teaching and studying, and partially because I just love it. I can’t help it. 😉 This post, however, comes as a request from a few readers and blog friends. I love, love the fact that […]


I was very against the recent(ish) ground-breaking ideology that cardio makes you fat. BUT, lately, I’ve de-prioritized (making up words, heyyoo!) my cardiovascular workouts, and I think the results have changed my outlook. As a cardio-holic, I have always been pretty addicted to the rush of endorphins cardio gives me. I like to feel like […]

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