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Happy Monday! As I’ve been alluding to via Instagram photos and mentions here on my blog, I’ve been skipping through my own little clean eating challenge. Notice I said “skipping.” Not begrudgingly trudging, not crawling, but skipping. I’ve been cleaning up my act, and I’ve been enjoying it. After being sick mostly all winter resulting […]


As you guys know very well, work has me very busy lately. I haven’t even touched upon what this has done to my diet. And I’ll tell ya, business for me typically equals a very poor eating regimen. For the past few months, I had been grabbing convenient, quick meals. And not the healthiest meals, […]


I’ve been mentioning my participation in Fitmixer Boot Camp left and right. I have also, however, neglected to note my progress on the program. Since I started the boot camp a few days late (the kickoff was when I was still in California), I’m a little behind in the program. I plan to continue the boot […]


To be completely honest, my recovery week from surgery did not consist of my typical nutrition plan healthy eating. And I really don’t regret it. One, it was very difficult to stick to the plan while on pain medication. I had to have a very full stomach to keep from getting sick, and I was […]


Rev That Metabolism!

January 5, 2012 · 69 comments

Upon first sitting down to create my nutrition plan with Jim, one of the first things I had to change about my diet was my timing. I knew it was bad for me to wait to eat breakfast until work. I was aware. I’ve heard the whole “You’ve gotta get that metabolism revving first thing!” […]


The First Measurements

December 22, 2011 · 40 comments

I’ve got news. And it’s good news. Many of you have been inquiring all about my nutrition plan created for me by my good friend Jim who owns his own fitness and nutrition studio (read more about the plan here, here, and here). Yesterday hit the 30-day mark of my plan, and moseyed on over […]


Nutrition Plan Update

December 14, 2011 · 35 comments

Time to answer all of your many questions and update you a tad on my nutrition plan. Actually, I didn’t really eat it. I gave it to Jim. We headed to a(n awesome!) holiday party on Friday night — complete with a dance floor, live band, valets, open bar, and endless unhealthy treats. I turned […]


I promised I’d go into further detail about my new nutrition plan. So, I figured I’d show you a day in the life of the plan my friend Jim created for me. I also told him if I get crazy ripped off this plan that I fully expect to be one of those back-bending, foot-popping […]


A Brand New Plan

November 30, 2011 · 47 comments

There are things I’ve neglected to tell you. I got too wrapped up in the Around It Goes Giveaway (have you entered yet?). Or maybe it’s because the only thing I can think about is The Hunger Games. Remember in the first book when Katniss is spending her first few days in the arena and […]

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