You know when you have several months of…. well, not the best fortune? And you try not to dwell on things not going your way, trudging on through, waiting patiently for improvements? As you know, the last year was a tough one, getting laid off, living in a new city, and feeling very alone. I […]


You guys know Jamie. My little peanut/Ray Charles/running buddy. She was the first friend I made in Virginia Beach other than girls from work. She was the one who I met through blogging, yet we are from rival high schools in New Jersey and played against each other on the same field hockey field. She […]


Have you ever had one of those weekends where everything just turned out… perfect? Don’t get jeal or anything, buuuut… WE DID! As you know, my college besties came to visit me in Virginia Beach for the first time. And it. was. awesome. Dana and Abby didn’t get to Virginia Beach until late Friday night, […]


As my good friend Kate Hudson says, “nobody likes a Mr. Sniffles!” (Okay.. maybe she’s just my good friend in mind. Keep dreaming, dreamer.) Anyway, all weekend, Lisa-Marie and I were Ms. Sniffles. We couldn’t figure out if it was a bug or allergies, but we were poppin Halls left and right. our Sunday-Funday beach […]


Pop quiz: what’s the most horrifyingly annoying song ever to be played in all of Disney World? I think the answer to this one would be unanimous. The Small World boat tour of singing dolls around the world is sure to get stuck in every passenger’s head for the rest of their day at Disney. […]

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