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I love talking about the atrocities of The Bachelor with my friend, Bryan. He dignifies my girl crushes and he gives a decent male perspective on the whole thing. So, as Bryan says, I’m pulling a Chris Harrison and giving him the Jimmy Kimmel reins for this week’s Bachelor Recap. To be completely transparent, there […]


Long story short, I love Sarah. And I really love her hysterical blog. She just tied the knot a few weeks ago, so I figured as I’m boogyin’ down the aisle for Lisa-Marie’s wedding, I’d leave you in her very capable (manly.. like mine) hands. Hey Life of Blyss readers! While Alyssa’s oceanside performing her […]


My decision to run a marathon is explained here in today’s guest post by yours truly at Less Britt, More Life. I know. I’m nuts.


Check Me Out.

June 29, 2011 · 6 comments

Over at Holly’s blog at Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices (a woman after my own heart). My guest post for her today is a little “Tips for a Successful Blog.” I know this topic has been touched on, but I thought I could add my two cents in, too. 🙂 This pretty lady just got […]


I’m A Movie Star.

April 6, 2011 · 42 comments

As most of you know, part of my job entails filming the kiddies around the pre-K through grade 12 school where I work. Today, I got to film the Kindergarteners giving their “college advice” for graduating seniors. Kindergarten Girl: “Miss H, are you a movie star?” I paused. No, I’m clearly not a movie star. […]


AWESOME news. I have raised over HALF of my goal for ZERO: the project to end prostate cancer! To all of my donors, I can’t thank you enough. And to all of you thinking of donating, I’ll adore you if you do. I’ll send you virtual kisses. Especially because, if you do, I won’t have […]


My First Guest Post!

March 26, 2011 · 5 comments

I was so excited when Katie asked me to write a guest post for her AWESOME blog, What Katie’s Baking. She’s got some fantastic dessert recipes goin’ on over there. She won me over with her Gooey Surprise cupcakes. It’s a cookie. In a cupcake. I’m in love. ANYWAY, Katie asked me to provide some […]

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