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Whose beauty routine needs an overhaul with this crazy, erratic weather? Did you raise your hand? Insert your girly one arm-raised emoji? Me too. And guess what? The ladies at Elements Beauty Shop have read your mind, because Elements is holding a Beauty in Bloom event this Tuesday, April 19 at 5:30 p.m. This event will include Erno Laszlo […]


Moisturizing and exfoliating. It’s just as important to me in the summertime as it is in the winter. The sun dries out our skin. Flip flop feet exposed to the elements are not cute. Thankfully, Lather is pretty darn helpful, and Elements Beauty Shop has a zillion products to choose from to help quench the […]


I’m On The News!

June 1, 2015 · 5 comments

When Anne McNamara of the NOW national news (ABC News Denver) reached out to me about interviewing with her about my history with melanoma, I was excited. As y’all know, I’ll jump on any chance I can to spread skin cancer awareness. Especially this time of year, when everyone has forgotten over the winter how […]


Before we dive into my top picks for sweet, summery fragrances, let’s just note I did some serious damage at Elements last week. As if there was any question I might not, right? And pssst, do you like my new “photography studio?” This was my first photo experimenting with it, and I’m really excited to […]


I’ve talked about my skincare routine before, but it’s safe to say my product regimen is getting an overhaul. After learning about the local business about 2 miles from my house, I was excited to give Elements Beauty Shop in Carytown a try. The products Sherry and Jeannie carry in their store are unique, quality, […]


I’m super lucky that my “battle” with skin cancer has been solely kept to the scalpel removal of my malignant and abnormal skin cells. My arms, back, and chest are pretty scarred up, and although they aren’t pretty, I’ll take that over having to go through any chemotherapy or radiation. And I pray I’ll never […]

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