I have been running around like crazy this week. Since it’s August, my month off of work has ended. What else is coming to an end? The show. I’m already mourning the end of such a fantastic experience, but I’m ready to gear up for my next auditions. I have a busy weekend/week coming up. […]


…Remember when I said I have a problem.. andΒ  the only prescription is more Wedding Crashers quotes? That was my title inspiration. πŸ˜‰ My weekend in Maryland was a great one, save for a very sick day on Sunday. I spent the day in bed and ended up driving home on Monday. Ga-ross. I went […]


I’m So Greek.

May 13, 2011 · 18 comments”>

I always say that. Because it’s comical… cause I’m very clearly the least Greek girl in the world with my German/French/British blonde hair and blue eyes. But since Anastasia’s Greek, and I obviously want to be just like all my best friends, I like pretending I’m Greek. ‘Cause my naaame’s Greek! And I’m going to […]


It happens almost every time you’re gettin’ your groove on at a club or bar. You’re not sure how to handle the “situation.” All you want to do is shake your groove thang with your friends. That creepy guy starts movin’ in for the kill, and you’re not sure whether to throw the nearest unsuspecting […]


My beautiful friend Anastasia has been such a wonderful addition to my life for the years I’ve known her. She’s compassionate, fun, loving, smart, and such a loyal friend I can truly count on. And that’s been the case since the day I’ve met her. Don’t call her Nas. And it’s not Aaa-nuh-stay-juh, either. Her […]


I’ll set the scene. It’s Wednesday night. Guess what fell from the sky? SNNNOOOOOOWWWWW! And guess who came to visit? WE LOVE AUNTIE SIA! Anastasia is in town for a while, so us three girls had a wonderful little night together. We met up after work and ran a nice 6 miles together on side-by-side […]

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