Ten things for Tuesday

September 15, 2015

I’m throwing a lot of information at you at once. Buuuut I kinda love these random listy posts. Happy Tuesday, y’all. Punch today in the gut. PRESENTING: Ten Things for Tuesday. I pre-ordered the iPhone 6s, and I am SO EXCITED to finally have a phone I don’t need to charge 4 times a day! […]

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The Glamorous Life of A Dog Mom

September 3, 2015

If you’ve been wondering what Chloe’s been up to lately amidst my work travel… She was livin’ the good life at Camp Grandparents. I’m lucky my mom really, really wants a dog. Every time I need to travel, she quickly comes to Richmond to scoop her up and take her back to North Carolina. I […]

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Pure Barre Technique Spotlight: Abs Under The Barre

August 31, 2015

Abs under the barre is one of the tougher exercises for new and old Pure Barre clients to understand and conquer. It’s the part of class that is so easy so sail through without fatiguing the muscles you’re intending to work. Here, I’ve highlighted a few tips to get to your best work in abs […]

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The Search For A New Running Watch/Fitness Tracker: I Need Your Help!

August 27, 2015

All electronics are rebelling against me. All of them! Remember my beloved Garmin vívofit? I lost him. (I did a writeup about it compared to other fitness trackers here). I think it’s a goner. I have no idea where I lost it, but the band started getting loose and falling off my wrist. I think […]

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My First Infrared Sauna Experience

August 24, 2015

When I heard an infrared sauna was coming to Richmond, I was pretty intrigued. I’ve sat in a few saunas before, but I’d never heard of an infrared sauna. After my initial research, I learned the benefits included muscle and injury recovery. My muscles are always so sore between my daily barre and running regimen, […]

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Trader Joes, You Really Screwed Me [that time there was a bug in my packaged food]

August 20, 2015

I had a bad day.   You see, I’m a big Trader Joes fan. Some of my all-time favorite staples come from their grocery. I swear upon their smoked paprika (more flavorful than other brands, furreal). I adore their mushroom risotto. Their pre-seasoned veggies are awesome, and I really like their frozen shrimp stir fry […]

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Catching The Hatching of Wild Sea Turtles

August 19, 2015

The coolest part of our vacation to North Myrtle Beach this year was the big impromptu event on “crab night”, the night we all sit around picnic tables by the beach and pick crabs for dinner. Right as we were getting ready to sit down to dinner, we heard the North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle […]

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Our Week in North Myrtle Beach: a vacay #photodump

August 18, 2015

If you’ve been following my snapchat [username: @ablyssa] or my instagram, you know I’m back to reality after our annual trip to North Myrtle Beach, SC. Real life is hard. I did every single morning run on the beach. After being used to the Richmond streets, the ocean breeze was awesome (unless it’s blowing against […]

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Life is Good [Life Update Time]

August 6, 2015

You know when you have several months of…. well, not the best fortune? And you try not to dwell on things not going your way, trudging on through, waiting patiently for improvements? As you know, the last year was a tough one, getting laid off, living in a new city, and feeling very alone. I […]

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10 Tips for Running Safety

July 28, 2015

In talking with my friends who run for fun or are in training for races, I realized so few people take proper precautions to ensure safety while running. Here, I’ve compiled 10 of my favorite ways to ensure safety while running. 1. Change up your routine Is it just me, or do you always wonder […]

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