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If I Was on The Bachelor

If You’re Feelin’ Really Gutsy…
Scrappy Marathoner
Get it Right [Grammar Edition]
If I Owned My Own Gym
The Day I Ran Next to Justin Timberlake
Like Walking A Drunk Girlfriend to the Bar
The Scar is So Worth It.
I Should Be Embarrassed…
The World is Not Ending Tomorrow.
Baby Blog No More. I Also Almost Died.
Cocktail Ring-1. Alyssa-0.

Fitness & Nutrition (Check the Training Page for links to my workouts & playlists)
Rev That Metabolism!
WIAW on the Nutrition Plan

A Brand New Plan

An Intimate, Healthy Relationship
Marine Corps Marathon… OORAH!
Welp, That Was A Bad Idea.

Running in the HEAT
The Strapless Dress Arm Workout
The Day I Punched a Fitness Instructor
The Pros and Cons of Early Workouts

Blogging Recaps
What I learned in 2011
The 1- Year Blogiversary, LOB in Review

It’s rare that I’m serious, but it happens.
Now You Know.
Captivating Honesty

Awareness: My Sister Rocks
Take That, Cancer

DO Throw a Killa Bachelorette Party
For a Rough Day

America, Ah Yeah! – footage of my 2 year old nephew terrorizing my dog
Bender Ballin’ – a fantastic ab exercise
I’m So Greek. – typical shenanigans
And The Verdict Is… – shin splints rehabilitation
Stretch Your Shins! – I was wrong before. These are for anterior shin splints
I’m a Vlogger! – my first vlog… and Chloe as a puppy!

Guest Posts
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