10 Tips for Engagement Photo Preparation

October 25, 2017 · 1 comment

Our engagement pictures were so much fun to photograph, and I am so in love with the images my photographer, Alicia White, captured of Alex, me, and the doggies.

Since planning for them frazzled me a bit, I thought it might be helpful for me to pull together 10 Tips for Engagement Photo Prep.

  • Decide on the style and “feel” of your photos.
    Have you always pictured yourself in a city street, or do you dream of lush, natural greenery? Would you like to be formal, or you want a relaxed feel? You can always have a little of all of the above with some scenery changes and outfit choices, but it’s good to know this in advance for planning purposes. Think of your wedding style, too, and try to emulate that in at least a few shots for your wedding website.

  • Choose a few locations.
    Think about what makes you two special as a couple and how you can capture that in your engagement photos session. Do you love going out to the local dessert bar? (yes.) Do you love making cocktails at home? (yes.) Do you love walking your dogs downtown? (yes.) These are all places you can make into your engagement photo setting. You can even take photos around the place where you met, places you have lived, or just an iconic area around the city you are getting married.

    • Find “inspiration” photos.
      I loved searching Pinterest and filing through Style Me Pretty‘s collection of gorgeous engagement photos. One of my all-time favorite inspirations, though, is flipping through my photographer‘s website. If you can see what your photographer is already great at capturing, chances are, she/he can emulate that for you.
    • Collect a few outfits.
      This gave me the most angst. I didn’t want our engagement photos to look the same as our wedding photos, so I hadn’t planned to wear any white. I knew I wanted soft colors, so I tried to gather several flattering outfit options in colors I liked, took pictures of them all, and sent ideas to my photographer ahead of time. From there, she helped me select the best options for the camera and how to coordinate what Alex wore with each. We chose lots of solids and one pattern, as you can see from the below photos. Can you tell we like blue? 🙂
    • Avoid tight patterns and red clothing.
      Red clothes reflect onto another person’s skin, making him/her look orange or sunburnt. Try to not be too matchy-matchy and stick with solid colors you both look great in. Definitely avoid wearing the same exact color as your partner.
    • Make your grooming appointments well in advance.
      I had planned to do my own hair and makeup. After our pictures had to be rescheduled a few times, it so happened that I was the most tan my skin is all year round for our photos (hey, end of August!). Therefore, a lot of my makeup didn’t match my face well, and I didn’t trust myself. Fortunately, I have a friend who works the Nordstrom beauty counter who came to my rescue and helped me with my makeup before our photos were taken. Also, since my hair takes me forever to curl, I started getting ready way in advance of the time we actually were due to start taking photos.
    • If you need it, enlist extra assistance.
      Since we won’t have the doggies as a part of our wedding day (I know, I know), we wanted to incorporate Chloe and Maverick into our engagement photos instead. To keep the dogs well-behaved and looking in the direction of the camera, I had planned to ask Alex’s sister to help wrangle the doggies.
    • Have a conversation with your photographer ahead of time.
      What are you two like as a couple? Do you love cutesy photos, or do they make you gag? One of the reasons I chose my photographer, Alicia, is because she is so wonderful at capturing the candid, “in the moment” shots I love, and I wanted my engagement photos to be full of those. I didn’t want any of our photos to look super posed, but instead, just as if we had photos on us spending time together.
    • Don’t stress.
      Although I cared a lot about how our engagement photos turned out, I trusted that Alicia knew what she was doing and would create something beautiful out of our time in front of the camera. Try to trust your photographer and forget why you’re there. Remember why you’re taking the photos in the first place, and love on your fiancé. If you’re natural in that mentality, it will be easy for your photographer to get some great shots of you.
    • Communicate.
      If you feel weird while taking the pictures, chances are, ya look weird, too. Tell your partner and your photographer if you’re not feeling it. A seasoned photographer is used to trying a lot of different personalities, scenes, and poses, and he/she will be able to figure out something that makes you feel comfortable and makes your photos beautiful!

    Isn’t Alicia White Photography amazing? Our time with her — and the outcome — make me so excited for our wedding day. Even if you’re not in the Charlotte area, she travels, so scoop her up if you’re looking for a wedding photog!

    To those of you who have already been through this process, what is your best advice for engagement photography preparation?

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1 Alicia White December 10, 2017 at 10:26 pm

How am I just seeing this post? I loved your tips and the images you picked are favorites for sure! xo I cannot WAIT for your wedding and so so so loved capturing your engagements. Everything came together perfectly.


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