Our Wedding Venue Search: Part II

May 30, 2017 · 1 comment

Check out Part 1 of our wedding venue tour coverage here!

For Venue Tour #3, we headed to Mount Ida Farm in Scottsville, Virginia, which I found on Borrowed and Blue. The photos of the lodge immediately captivated me enough to want to trek over an hour away to tour the venue.

Beautiful, right? The tour was even better.

There are two wedding location options at Mount Ida. The first is the barn reception/gazebo ceremony.

Since it was sunset in the middle of winter, these are less than stellar visuals, but you can still get an idea of what the grounds looked like. The gazebo ceremony option didn’t match my personal vision, but it makes for a pretty setting for an intimate ceremony.

The barn’s foyer can serve as a cocktail hour area or a ceremony rain plan. This is a rain plan setting I can get on board with!

This area leads into the bigger reception room with Bridal and Groom Suites leading off those rooms.

Guys, the BRIDAL suites at Mount Ida. They made every single venue we toured pale in comparison, and I never even knew I cared about where I get ready on my wedding day. This setting was beautiful.

Option 2 for Mount Ida was the Mount Ida lodge reception/mountain top ceremony.


Gorgeous, right (even in the dark)?

And the lodge reception location was to die for.

Told ya the bridal suite impressed! Restoration Hardware was the inspo here, and it shows.

Should the mountaintop not work due to weather, this side room in the lodge was the reception rain plan.

We didn’t hate it, that’s for sure. The downside is that Scottsville is over an hour away from Richmond, and about 70% of our wedding guests will be from out of town. For them to fly into Richmond and drive over an hour from there seemed a little difficult.

Remember how I recommended you research the guest accommodations ahead of touring a venue? That was key here. The only reasonable places for our guests to stay that were not Bed & Breakfasts were over 30 minutes away. Hello, hike. Especially after partying all night long.

So, after this tour, we had to decide if the beauty of Mount Ida was worth sacrificing convenience.

Our tour of Venue #4 was at Tuckahoe Plantation, a venue I fell in love with long ago when I happened to stumble upon photos of weddings held there.

We scheduled this tour for Saturday, January 7, the day before my birthday, since Maggie, my Maid of Honor, would be in town. If you remember, this was also the weekend Richmond was hit with a substantial snowstorm.

We were sure Lyndee, the event coordinator, would tell us to come another time, but she encouraged us to make the trek in Alex’s Tahoe and come see the historic sight in the snow.

Although it wouldn’t look like this as I walked down the aisle, isn’t that pretty cool?

Because I had seen quite a few photos of the space prior to our tour, it was still helpful to walk around in the snow. We loved the historic ties to Richmond this venue had, and the idea of getting married amidst such lush greenery was just what we were looking for.

We remarked that if we chose this venue, it would be pretty neat on our wedding day to think about how there was snow everywhere we looked on the first day we visited the grounds.

Tuckahoe Plantation offers a few different areas for separate portions of the wedding. Our favorites were the crape myrtle ceremony site (which you saw pictured above), the reception site to the side of the historic house, and we’d utilize the historic house as a bridal suite and the stables as a groomsman suite.

Even the dogs came for this tour!

Maggie was a real trooper, too. She drove in the snow to make it to my birthday and our venue tour. Britt was supposed to come, too, but she got snowed in at home!

The downside to having a wedding at Tuckahoe Plantation, other than it being a big blank slate for our reception, was a pretty big one: there is no rain plan. If we were to choose this venue, we’d have to cross our fingers and toes we have a dry week (so we don’t have wet grounds) and a dry day for our wedding. I had promised myself we’d find a venue with a rain plan we loved, so Tuckahoe scared me a little.

Finally, Venue #5, Upper Shirley Vineyards. This venue was only a short trek away from home, and as a brand new vineyard close to Richmond, it seemed like a great option for our wedding.

There had only been one wedding at Upper Shirley prior to our tour, so there weren’t many photos to stalk online. The venue itself, however, is definitely made for hosting weddings.

Once again, we had terrible weather for our tour. As you can see from my photos, it was a rather dreary January day.

You can see the outdoor space behind the building here.

I really loved the idea of our ceremony having a view of the water. I grew up with a house on a lake in the Pocono Mountains in PA, so water was a big part of my childhood, and I liked the idea of having that backdrop. We also obviously had a great amount of space in that area as well as several cocktail our options outdoors.

The indoor reception area was pretty simple. The room was set up for a mock reception, so we were able to see just what would be included.

There is a rain plan option outdoors underneath the building overhang on the front porch. It would be a bit of a long, narrow setup, but it is doable.

Can I mention a bridal suite again? This one had a fantastic amount of space, and all the natural light was a photographer’s dream!

After touring Upper Shirley, Alex and I got “that feeling” that told us we knew exactly where we wanted to be married.

Any guesses as to which venue we chose (no cheating!)? 😉


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