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It may have been over two months ago, but I guess a serious life event bears mentioning…

Soooo, Alex proposed!

And ever since, I’ve been in a whirlwind of busy season of my full-time job, the usual madness of teaching Pure Barre in addition, and… wedding planning!

But since I’m backtracking to December 17th here, I’ll fill you all the way in on the details. Because if you’re like me, you like hearing a good proposal story.

Sometime before the holidays, Alex asked me if I’d be able to go to lunch with his grandmother, mom, and sister in a few weeks. I didn’t think much of it since we frequently spend time with his family in Richmond, which I love, since my family is a bit farther away.

When I got home from teaching and sweating all morning, I quickly showered, threw on a sweater, and bundled up for the dreary weather outside. On the way to lunch, I was scrolling through my phone, and Alex said his mom was running late. “Hey,” he said, “Wanna kill time and go up to the roof of The Hofheimer? See what’s up there?”

I looked up at the roof and said, “Uhh, it’s kind of cold and rainy…” But he was already dialing his phone. He asked the poor unfortunate soul who picked up the phone if they were open and if we could come check out the roof, and they seemingly said they weren’t open, but that it was fine.

The girl who answered the door was a fantastic actress. She acted like she hadn’t been arranging this for months with Alex, and I apologized profusely for being “those people” who had to look at the roof on a dreary Saturday while they were closed and setting up for a wedding. She walked us up the steps to the roof, and we could immediately see the Richmond city skyline, not far from Alex’s old apartment.

As I started to do a 360 degree turn, I spotted Maggie. You know, my best friend since childhood who lives in Philadelphia. WHAT? Behind her, I could see Alex’s younger sister, Janie, who was obviously trying to hide behind a wall alongside Mag. I knew what must be happening when I saw Maggie and had no idea she was in Richmond.

At that moment, Alex grabbed my hands, and I realized what was happening. Then I blacked out.

I mean, I stood upright and all, but I haven’t the slightest clue what he said after “You know how much I love you… and…”

In the video Janie took, you can just hear me saying before he drops to one knee, “Your knee is going to get so wet!”

I said yes and delicately reminded Alex he had to put the ring on my finger, not just show it to me.

Despite how cold it was, it goes without saying it was my favorite day.

One of the most touching parts of this moment was that when we gathered as a family afterward, the skies opened up for just a moment with the first sunshine all day. Some of you know my dear Poppop passed away just ten days prior to our (already planned) engagement, and I know it was his way of telling me he was there.

Alex had Maggie and Brittany on standby since September since they had the photos of the ring I had chosen a loooong time ago (I had gone with my girlfriends to look on a whim way before I knew we were even close to being ready to get married). He had arranged for Maggie to drive in early that morning and show up with Brittany and Isaac, my parents to come for the weekend (and hide at a hotel), and his younger sister and parents to be present.

It was the absolute perfect combination of a moment for the two of us and a time to celebrate with our loved ones present, which is exactly what I wanted. I was (and am) so thankful, and I was so shocked.

Alex and I had talked about getting married for a while (it is so true what they say about “you’ll know when you meet ‘the one’“), but he had me truly believing this wouldn’t happen until June of this year at the earliest. This was an impressive feat, because I’m pretty tough to surprise.

We had a champagne toast and left The Hofheimer to have lunch at Alex’s parents’ house as I frantically tried to make my brain compute what had just happened.

That night, we invited our good friends to Mekong, our *~*very predictable*~* favorite place to drink beers and eat Vietnamese. Fun fact: My friend Molly, to the right of me, got engaged four days later!

We had plans to attend one of my closest friend’s Christmas parties that night as well. Elizabeth even let us bring our family and completely hijack the party. I surprised some of my favorite girlfriends and we immediately started talking Bachelorette ideas (Vegas, anyone?!).

It was quite the holiday season, and thus far, we’ve had a blasty blast wedding planning.


I’m looking forward to hopefully finding the time to recap some of my favorite parts of wedding planning here. Hit me with your favorite wedding planning “must-dos.” I’m a Pinteresting fool.

Because what’s wedding planning without blog recaps and input from the interwebs?!

P.S. I’m aware I also owe you guys some home renovation updates. Wait until you see what we’ve done with our digs (and the door behind us in the above GIF!).

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