The New Big Job

March 29, 2013 · 49 comments

I guess it’s time I elaborate on my whereabouts, huh?

2013-03-25 17.39.55

It’s official. I have left my job at the school and am the new Regional Manager for TidalWheel, an young indoor cycling studio company. The Virginia Beach studio is only 6 months old, but I will soon be living part-time in Richmond to open a new location there.

Which is why Colleen is so excited. ;) We’re gonna be neighbors!

2013-03-21 18.56.45

If you are familiar with SoulCycle or Flywheel, you have an idea of what TidalWheel is all about. We offer classes in a dark room with loud, exciting music and elaborate total-body workout moves on a stationary bike.


It really is a kind of exercise you’ve never experienced. So many people who have tried spin (and loved it or hated it) come in to our studio saying “WOW! That is so different. I’ve never done anything like that before!”


At TidalWheel, you are also using dumbbells as you pedal on the bike. You’re doing pushups, you’re adding core moves, and you’re dancing. All while on a spin bike. And those bands come down for our TidalTone classes for an extra core/upper body workout.

TidalWheel classes are the most fun I’ve had working out in a while. You feel like you’re working out in a club, and our instructors make it more of an experience than a workout. Every class is a little different, so you really never know what to expect. You can check out more on the video on our website:

2013-03-21 18.57.05

You guys all know that I’m a runner at heart. I never really thought running would ever have to compete for my attention with any other workout, but as soon as I tried TidalWheel spin classes, I became addicted. It was running one day, completing a fitmixer boot camp workout the next, and then coming to a TidalWheel class. I soon found myself planning my workouts around these classes. I just love that I get a weight workout in with a serious cardio blast.

2013-03-21 18.57.37

2013-03-21 18.57.47

Now, part of my job is taking a TidalWheel class every day so I know what’s going on in my studio. And every day, I’m sore after class. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

Once I get to Richmond, I will actually be instructing classes as well. I’m pretty pumped.

And a bonus? I get to work with my VBbff Jamie. She’s one of our instructors at TidalWheel!

vday ride
There we are with Eric, another one of our TidalWheel instructors, on the day of our Valentine ride.

2013-03-16 12.14.08
Our owners, Mike and Ryan, with Jenna, one of our staffers. We partnered with The Simply Bar at the Shamrock Expo!

2013-03-17 16.39.25

So, this is what I have had my hands filled with for the past few weeks. I’m a very busy bee, and I haven’t really had a life outside of work just yet.

If you’re ever in the Virginia Beach (or Richmond soon!) area, come check out TidalWheel. If you mention you know me and are a Life of bLyss reader, you may get a deal on your first ride. ;)

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