New Eyeballs!

February 15, 2013 · 33 comments

In case you were wondering, my current vision is 20/800.

So basically, I’m blind as a bat.

However, sarting today, that all changes.

I’m finally cashing in on my college graduation present: laser eye surgery!


So I can kick these guys to the curb and no longer have to say that I have 20/800 vision. I’ve had to wear these all week since you’re not allowed contacts for a week leading up to surgery. It’s been rough, especially during physical activity. Court, I don’t know how ya do it.

I’m also a glasses drama queen.

I’m just pretty goshdarn psyched to be able to see right when I wake up… and to not have dry, sticky contacts when I’m tired.

The downside? I can’t sweat for about a week.

The upside? Maybe that means I’ll be productive. But probably not.

HAPPY FRIDAY, ALL. See you later. ;)

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