I’m 25 Today

January 8, 2013 · 64 comments

…Which means a number of things.


1. I’ve officially been on this earth a quarter of a century. Which means before today 25 years ago, Elvis had one less birthday buddy, my mother’s, father’s, and siblings’ lives were a little easier, and the world was a whole lot quieter.

2. My car insurance rates would go down… if it weren’t for the fact that I was in a car accident last night. Haaaappy freakin’ birthday eve!

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 12.38.59 PM

3. My frontal lobe is officially myelinated. My brain just stopped developing. Oh no.

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 12.42.22 PM

She meant lobe. I’m so lucky to have a physiologist in my life.

4. The year has arrived in which I will…

  • have 20/20 vision. Yes, I’m finally cashing in on my laser eye surgery graduation present three years later. I don’t know if I can put my excitement into words. Only a month and a week left of wearing contacts!
  • act in my first non-musical. Whaaa? 10 days from now, I will be playing the Countess on stage with 10 very talented actors in Picasso at the Lapin Agile at The Little Theatre of Norfolk.

IMG_5238(Do you recognize the chica on the poster? ‘Cause you should.)

  • remain territorial over Sean as I watch him hand out roses to all these dingbats. REALLY, ABC? Really?
  • help one of my dear friends plan her big fat wedding. ;)
  • officially be able to say I think I know how to rock a curl. I know I’ve been promising a tutorial once I get to be a pro, and I think I’m just about there.


  • continue to put my track kids through the ringer… beginning tomorrow.

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 12.44.46 PM

Guess who doesn’t want to have to run 3 miles today?

5. I feel very, very blessed and loved today. Thank you to all of you who have made my day (and any other day, for that matter) special for me. xoxo

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