On Repeat: The Lumineers & Swear and Shake in Concert

December 19, 2012 · 7 comments

I know I mentioned the fact that I’d be attending The Lumineers concert at the Norva this week.

To put it plainly, it. was. awesome.

I love The Lumineers, and I was recently introduced to the Ambassadors pretty recently, as well. I was anticipating loving the performances by both of these bands, but I knew nothing about Swear and Shake, the band performing second, prior to the concert.

I’ve found a new love.


Sorry. I know my iPhone pictures of this concert leave a lot to be desired.

If you like The Lumineers, Swear and Shake is definitely worth checking out. My personal favorite original song of theirs, Marbles, was on repeat the entire day following the concert. Check it out in the video below:

And more captures from the night:

The Ambassadors. My favorite song of theirs is Unconsolable, but you may have also heard Listost before.


And The Lumineers. Sigh.



After the encore of the show, The Lumineers had the crowd on the floor part for them to stand on a platform and perform another song. It was one of the coolest concert experiences I’ve had. I was mesmerized.



To conclude, a wonderful new untitled song by the Lumineers, which was a part of their set list at the concert I attended. I CANNOT stop singing this. I can’t. Don’t try and make me.

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