Crazy or Awesome?

December 7, 2012 · 8 comments

Is it crazy or awesome I just made “tall blonde girl” my ringtone? Or just weird?

Don’t answer that. Months after discovering the video, it’s still hilarious to me.

Is it crazy or awesome to run the Virginia Beach Surf n Santa 10 mile race tomorrow even though I have some sort of bronchitis/upper respiratory infection and am on day 3 of antibiotics? Tomorrow marks one more month until I turn a quarter century old, and I’ve gotta have one last race in my age bracket. Sick or not. I’ll be running with Team JWFNS again, so at least I’ll have some buddies around to pick me up if I keel over.

Last year’s Surf n Santa costume called for red lipstick. I won’t make that mistake ever again.

It may be an interesting race. Prayers would be appreciated (I’m half-joking for all you worriers out there. I’ll be fine, and if I felt terrible that morning, I wouldn’t run the race).

Is it crazy or awesome to accept a role in another play directly after finishing a musical?

My exciting news I neglected to fill you all in on? I was cast in my first non-musical play at The Little Theatre of Norfolk. I am pretty excited to be playing The Countess in Picasso at the Lapin Agile, opening January 18. It’s a one-act comedy by Steve Martin. Look ‘er up. It’s a good one. I might get to wear a wig, and I might have an accent.

Two thumbs way up for theatre and all that it has added to my life. Obviously, I just can’t get enough. I also like being overscheduled.

This weekend, though, I have decided, will be happy and stress-free. I have some R&R planned, a race to run, and a Christmas party to attend, and my friend Lisa-Marie is back in town. Yahoo!

Happy Friday, all. Do a happy dance for me.

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