Brand Name Workout Clothes at Half the Price

December 6, 2012 · 14 comments

Is it just me, or do the sight of quality workout clothes at a good price make you drool?

That entire outfit is worth over $100. It cost me $49.95.

But what about the idea of completing a style profile and paying only $49.95 (click here for 20% off) for a quality brand active wear top and bottom to be delivered to your door each month? MORE drool.

I’m kind of amazed by pv.body, the company behind this idea.

(I hope you appreciate that photo, by the way. Taken shortly after waking up on a Saturday morning, obviously, hair taming and makeup were beyond the realm of possibilities. I had a run to get to.)

Yeah. Seriously. These brands are top notch: Lululemon, Nux, American Apparel, Nike, Lorna Jane, Adidas, etc. Doesn’t the idea of quality Lululemon top and bottom for under $50 sound ludicrous?

Each box shipped to your door (for free) has a retail value of over $100. Obviously, you’re getting much more than you pay for. To see examples of sample boxes, click “SAMPLE BOXES” at the top of the pv.body website.

And check out the style profile. They ask some basic and in-depth questions about your style, your sizing, and how you stay active along with what kinds of clothes you prefer.

Those above are just a few highlights. I was pretty impressed by all the questions pv.body asked to ensure I got a box tailored to what I like and wear most.

And that, I did.

A brightly-colored Nux tank top, just as I said I liked…

And a neutral-colored bottom from American Apparel

I have been wanting some long running leggings (all I really have are my black Lulu Wunder Under crops), and I’ve been really wanting gray ones. I was doing skips and hops all over my house when I saw the Nux tank top and American Apparel leggings in my package. And both fit me like a glove. THEY KNOW ME.

Long story short?

You pay this company a $49.95 subscription. Each month, they send you the type of active wear you like. Since your box is worth over $100, you’re paying less than half what the clothes are worth.

And if you sign up now using my link, you get 20% off. :)

Genius, pv.body, genius.

I’ll catch you guys later. I’ll be sitting on my doorstep anxiously awaiting my next pv.body box.

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