X-Men Karaoke & A Loofah Comeback

November 5, 2012 · 3 comments

I failed to mention how the X-Men spent their (actual) Halloween.

I also failed to mention the old costume I brought back for rehearsal on Halloween.

Emma frost wouldn’t work out so well for rehearsal purposes, and I remembered I had the deconstructed last year’s loofah in a bag in my closet. So, I pulled her out for another go-around.

I thought it would be a great idea, but being a loofah isn’t so conducive to traveling backstage. I think I got stuck on assorted walls and props about 6 times before I gave up and took it off. It also looked a little sickly with little time to fluff.

Plus, playing an Egyptian exotic dancer doesn’t work out so well when you’re drowning in tulle.

Later on, our favorite local karaoke bar was holding a Halloween party, so the X-Men reunited for another night of costumes and singing.

Looks like Pheonix put Ashley through the ringer.

And Emma and Rogue had a moment.

The man to the right was a Zombie… and all night, he walked around as such. He was fantastic.

In case you didn’t know, X-Men sing Gaga too.

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!

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