Virginia Beach Wicked 10k: Don’t Run in a Leotard

November 1, 2012 · 18 comments

Considering I signed up for the Wicked 10k on a whim and didn’t train too much for the race, I’m pretty psyched to share my results with you guys.

Placing 3rd in my age group after flying around the boardwalk like a paper bag in pre-hurricane winds is something I can live with. The weather was crazy — warm, but VERY windy, especially right on the boardwalk. I didn’t have anyone running with me, so as my pace changed, I really didn’t have someone in front of me to block the wind. It was a bit if a struggle.

Around 7:00 a.m., we all met at Jim’s house to shove some bananas/coffee/water/bars in our faces and warm up. He has a quick walk to the start line from his place.

I was going to wear my sweet purple leotard with pink tights for my 80’s outfit, but it was way too hot for my legs to be covered. I went with my leotard and trusty hot pink Lululemon speed shorts.

This team was ready to rock the race 80’s style.

…and I couldn’t stop laughing at the mullet/cropped T/short shorts of my enthusiastic male teammates.

I warmed up with Rob and Mike and proceeded to get into position in Corral 1 with them. Don’t worry, though, I knew fully well that I’d be waving goodbye to them as soon as the gun went off.

And, surprise, surprise, I ran my first mile at an average 6:40 pace (I know, I didn’t hit those negative splits so fantastically this race), at these two still left me in the dust. Whatever.

I will say that even though Robby can smoke me, I did have a faster half marathon PR first. It only took him half a year to beat it by a good 5 minutes or so, but I’ll still hold onto that.

And thanks to my big yellow 80’s bow, my friend Laura spotted me before the gun went off. Laura, I give you props for looking so cute for a race. Maybe one day I’ll look like a classy pulled-together lady for a race.

But probably not.

Speaking of the big yellow bow, it bit the dust in the wind around mile 3.

Those crazy winds I spoke of totally rocked my hair. I do not recommend a side pony for races unless you have an affinity for hair in your mouth.

The final leg of the race (about 1.5 miles or so, unless my memory fails me) was on the boardwalk. Charlie caught up to me, and we paced each other at around a 7:15 mile time for the first half and got progressively faster. I was running out of steam toward the end, but was able to push it out for a sprint finish at 44:52.

After crossing the finish and grabbing our bananas, medals, water, and powerbars, we were ready for some veggie chili in a bread bowl (thank yoou, Baker’s Crust). We waited around for race results, stood in line, took pictures, and compared leg sizes. Can we talk about Rob’s legs and how they are the same size as mine? For the sake of my self esteem, I’m going to stick to the idea that Rob’s legs are tiny.

I took a two hour nap after the race, and when I woke up, I learned I placed third in my age group. Yippee!

Also, if you take anything away from this post, heed my advice: do not, under any circumstances, wear a leotard for a race.

I mean, unless you like running extensive distances with serious wedgies.

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