Synergy Stew: My Health & Fitness Recipe for Success

November 8, 2012 · 8 comments

Synergy is created when things work together to create an outcome that is of more value than each individual input. Like a delicious recipe. A stew, if you will.

So, when the goal is a fitness synergy stew, what are the ingredients that go into such a thing? In other words, what elements enable one to achieve their best health and fitness level?

This obviously varies from person to person. But for me, the recipe is pretty simple.

1. Sleep — I need sleep to function. Like clockwork, every time I am low on sleep, my body shuts down and I get sick. Sleep is so necessary for the brain, of course, but our muscles, as well. Muscle repair and regeneration happens while we’re snoozing. Did you know growth hormone is actually produced and secreted during the deep sleep stage of the NREM period? This is what helps our muscles to recover from hard workout sessions. Sleep actually helps with building muscle. And I need it! Lately, this is the element that has been missing from my Synergy Stew.

2. Balanced Nutrition — Digestive issues aside, when I don’t eat healthily, my body revolts. Seriously. I feel less energized, I feel bloated, and my tummy hates me. Especially being a vegetarian, I really need veggies and in my diet to achieve a decent fitness level.

3. A Schedule — People say this ad nauseum, but I truly don’t have the luxury of time. These days, since I am involved in the theatre, I have to get up before work if I want to work out. This means a 5:30 alarm, which also requires an early bedtime (see #1). If I don’t map out a schedule for myself, I physically can’t fit fitness into my daily regimen, and if I don’t exercise, my brain goes a little haywire.

4. The Right Gear — It took me a minute to think of this addition, but it’s totally true. When I don’t have the right shoes, socks, sports bra, leggings, headband etc., my workout can sometimes really suffer. I need all the elements in place to be good to go.

5. A Changeup — I’m a routine girl. I so easily repeat meals and exercises for weeks and weeks. I notice such an improvement in my interest level, my drive, my performance, and my results when I change up my routine. That’s why I love fitmixer boot camp; they assign me a daily workout, which doesn’t allow for me to do the same goshdarned thing every day. And rehearsals are great, since they give me a nice little dance workout. I can never have too many alternative means of exercise.

Pssst… speaking of which, registration for the next round of fitmixer boot camp is open! If you’re thinking of joining me in our next round, I highly encourage you to do so. If you have any questions about the program, e-mail me! I still contend it’s the best, most well-rounded fitness program I’ve ever tried, and I get sad every time one of the boot camps end.

What goes into YOUR synergy stew? List out the ingredients. What is missing from your stew? Which ingredient might there be too much of? Head on over to and tell them for a chance to win fitness product of your choice!

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