November 2012

Synergy is created when things work together to create an outcome that is of more value than each individual input. Like a delicious recipe. A stew, if you will. So, when the goal is a fitness synergy stew, what are the ingredients that go into such a thing? In other words, what elements enable one […]


I know, I know. Your Facebook and Twitter feeds are going crazy with political rants. The only thing worse than the political drone is the complaints about the political statuses. Holy moly, am I ready for the debating to be over. What happened to “One nation… indivisible?” via Make the choice that is right for […]


I failed to mention how the X-Men spent their (actual) Halloween. I also failed to mention the old costume I brought back for rehearsal on Halloween. Emma frost wouldn’t work out so well for rehearsal purposes, and I remembered I had the deconstructed last year’s loofah in a bag in my closet. So, I pulled […]


Some of you requested I post the tunes I was jamming to as I ran the Wicked 10k this past weekend. I’m still stuck on The Cab. A few of T. Swift’s new jams on theRed album are rocking my world. If you know me at all, you know I can’t turn off Ke$ha’s new […]


Considering I signed up for the Wicked 10k on a whim and didn’t train too much for the race, I’m pretty psyched to share my results with you guys. Placing 3rd in my age group after flying around the boardwalk like a paper bag in pre-hurricane winds is something I can live with. The weather […]

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