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November 26, 2012 · 13 comments

This is a health and fitness/lifestyle blog, so of course, I talk about what I’m doing exercise-wise quite a bit.

Right now, I realizeย fitmixer is the topic of conversation, and it has been for a while. Is this annoying? I realized it might be to some of you — but here’s why it shouldn’t be. It’s genuinely what I’ve been living and breathing when I’m not fitting in several short runs and a few long runs per week.

I’m being very candid when I say I can’t get enough of the regimen, what it has done for my routine and my body, and the people and support within the fitmixer brand.

Since fitmixer boot camp registration is $50 OFF today for Cyber Monday (which makes it only $99.95 with code CYBER50!), I thought today would be a good day to post all these questions I’ve been getting about the program.

The following are questions I’ve received from those interested fitmixer boot camp:


Q: Do you get mailed daily workouts? Are you able to mix in your own (if I wanted to go running, or have a session with my trainer)?

A: The daily workouts are delivered 5 times a week via e-mail the night before. They are kept on the website, protected by a password. Each exercise in the workout has a video tutorial, so you know how to do each move properly. I frequently adjust the workouts, so yes, it is a very flexible setup.

Q: Is it a video workout you follow along with?

A. NOPE! Although there is an instructional video to show you how to do each move, it’s just that. You do the workouts at your own pace.

Q: Do you need any equipment for the workouts?

A: You really don’t need any equipment at home for this — that’s part of why I love it; I can do it in my living room. Starting this boot camp, I was suddenly ditching weights for bodyweight workouts. I’ve seen really good results from doing so. The only thing I sometimes use is a yoga mat for some of the floor exercises, but you really only need one if you have hard floor/no carpet. You can also add dumbbells to a few routines, but I think I have only done this in two instances. They are challenging enough that I don’t need to add weight. I have done the workouts in hotel rooms before, too. You can see a sample fitmixer workout here.

I had my friend Maggie do a few workouts with me while on vacay together this summer. She loved it.

Q: What fitness level are these workouts? Are they easy since they are mostly body weight-based?

A: I’ll tell you this: they’re NOT easy! I wouldn’t consider myself a newb, and they are great workouts. I always feel gassed after each one, and I’d pay big money to see someone honestly say these workouts are a cakewalk. The best part, though? The workouts are easy to modify. You can make them shorter, you can do more or less reps than instructed, and you can modify the actual moves. fitmixer gives you modifications for several exercises. I even modified one of the archive workouts for my track team last week.

Q: When boot camp is over, do you get to keep the workouts?

A: YES. I love this, and I am currently going through the archives and doing old workouts while there is no boot camp in session.

Q: Do you have any communication with other participants?

A: There is a fitmixer boot camp facebook group, which participants use for motivation, tips, advice, and general talk about recipes, workouts, etc. It’s a great, supportive community.


Q: Do you think I will be able to keep up with a few maintenance (one short, one long) runs since I have a half marathon near the end of the boot camp session?

A: Yep! I’ve been keeping up with my running while on fitmixer boot camp, and I think I’ve become a better runner even though I’m actually spending less time running. I sometimes sometimes skip workouts in favor of a run, or I shorten them to fit in a run at the end. I really like how balanced it makes me feel. A half marathon is definitely doable while participating in boot camp, especially since there are only provided workouts 5 times a week.

Q: My main focus has been running, but I have been wanting to add strength training to my routine. Would you say that the boot camp has helped your running?

A: I would definitely say fitmixer has helped my running. This actually surprised me, considering I lowered my mileage when I began doing boot camp, but I have seen so many positive changes in my body as a result of the workouts. I have felt stronger, I LOOK much more toned, and I’m faster (which could be just because my miles are less and I’m running them faster). I have, however, noticed a big change in the strength of my legs. I have had no running injuries or strains since starting fitmixer, whereas before, I feel like I always had something wrong with me (a pulled quad, etc). Again, I feel like I am running a lot less, but I am a better runner. Since I am also keeping my body guessing with these new workouts, I saw a little weight come off pretty quickly. I just feel more “fit” in general.


Q: How does the RD guide you on what to eat?

A: Candice, the fitmixer RD, makes us a caloric range guideline to follow based on our activity level. We each get a sheet full of several meal suggestions, which also incorporates some of the fitmixer product we receive for participating in boot camp. This nutrition plan is very flexible, and Candice doesn’t believe in “cutting out” anything from your diet, which I love. I agree with her “everything in moderation” mantra. There is a weekly weigh-in that goes directly to Candice, and if you aren’t seeing the results you wanted, she will get with you to adjust accordingly. Again, I love the hands-on quality of fitmixer and its people.


Q: I don’t really get what the “slim” product is. Is it another protein powder?

A: The slim product is like a protein shake mix. I drink it alone with almond milk (the chocolate), and I actually put the vanilla in my oats with agave every morning. It’s delicious, and I’m pretty picky about protein powder taste.

Q: What is the amino and what does it do?

A: The aminos are my absolute favorite of all the products. When I met the fitmixer people in May, their words were “the aminos keeps your muscles from eating themselves.” They were being funny putting it that way, but the aminos are essentially an sports energy/recovery powder that you add to water. They’re delicious, and I drink them during/after my workouts in the provided fitmixer blender bottle. If you want to get technical, you can say the aminos enable increased oxygen delivery throughout the body to reduce fatigue and improve muscle recovery, blah blah, but I like the way they put it. I’d say it’s like a supercharged Powerade with a stronger flavor.


Q: Is each boot camp $150 (or 99.95 today) or only the first one since you have to buy the kit?

A: For each boot camp, you receive the full package. I realize it’s a hefty price tag (that I’d be gulping over), but you get $154 worth of products and a nutrition plan along with the workouts, so you are getting more than your money’s worth.

If anyone still has questions about fitmixer, let me know. Remember, if you sign up today with code CYBER50, you get all this business for $99.95. ๐Ÿ™‚

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1 Katie @ Peace Love & Oats November 26, 2012 at 1:17 pm

My only concern was the products – I looked them up in their site and they contain sucralose and some say they have soy. I’m intolerant to soy and usually sensitive to artificial sweeteners… I’m afraid I’ll react badly to the products!
Katie @ Peace Love & Oats recently posted…Riding the Mizuno WaveMy Profile


2 Bridget @ Type A-Frame Personality November 26, 2012 at 2:41 pm

So I have read about this on several blogs and thought it sounded great, but really never put much stock into doing it……and now I just completed my order! So I’m excited for my package to arrive! The only question I ask is what flavors do you recommend. I’m sort of picky too about stuff, so I was just curious what you liked and maybe didn’t like. Thanks for the promo code!
Bridget @ Type A-Frame Personality recently posted…Did you have a nice holiday?My Profile


3 melissa November 26, 2012 at 8:10 pm

Do you have any idea how long shipping takes?


4 Alyssa November 26, 2012 at 8:50 pm

Awesome way to describe the fit mixer bootcamp alyssa! I love how you described the aminos. They’re definitely my favorite, too!
Alyssa recently posted…Mini Goal MondayMy Profile


5 Mollie @Sprinkles of Life November 27, 2012 at 12:53 pm

I signed up last night! Been thinking about it and jumped on the wagon for this round once I saw the awesome savings!
Mollie @Sprinkles of Life recently posted…Broccoli Cheese SoupMy Profile


6 Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian November 28, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Thanks so much for posting about the cyber Monday deal! I cashed in on this the other day and I’m super excited to start in January.
Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian recently posted…A Very Veggie ThanksgivingMy Profile


7 Karla @ myhighonlife November 29, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Noooo! I fell off the blogging bandwagon for a while and just got back into the swing of things. I wish I would have seen this deal. I’m ALWAYS looking for something new to switch things up and would have loved to do this. Boo. Next time ๐Ÿ™‚

I do love the amino drink though!


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