October 24, 2012 · 15 comments

My jaw hit the floor yesterday when I saw the news.

Those of you who know me at all know that I’ve been obsessed with the musical, The Last 5 Years, for ages. I even got Kailey in on it.

I sang a piece from the show in high school concerts, my voice recitals, and I regularly sing TL5Y pieces for auditions.

My dream role by far is Cathy in The Last 5 Years. The show has that kind of music that will never stop being incredible to me. The lyrics, swoon. The score… gah.

I’ll stop gushing and just tell you why I’m going on about it.

My newest girl crush, Anna Kendrick (loved her in past movies, but I can’t. get. enough. of Pitch Perfect), just signed to play Cathy in a FILM ADAPTATION of The Last 5 Years.

If you aren’t on the Anna Kendrick love train, just watch this.


Yes. Here.


I’m dying. I’m so excited. How did I not know this was becoming a movie?

Even though Anna is a little young for the role, I think she’ll pull it off well. Now, I have high hopes/expectations for the role of Jamie.

And if you couldn’t give two flips about The Last 5 Years, I’ll tell you something else that’s finally happening.

Guess what opens in Virginia Beach today?

It’s goin’ down. My wallet already hurts.

Say it with me: FINAL-FREAKING-LY!

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