4-Week Shred Workout

October 22, 2012 · 9 comments

Many of you have been saying you need more LOB workouts.

As I like to say, ask, and you shall receive (and on that note, I’ll get started on a hair curling tutorial…gulp).

This workout can be essentially done anywhere. No equipment is needed unless you like using a yoga mat.

I stuck with a workout you can try once a week, building the number of reps you complete each time. Obviously, if 20 is too difficult of a starting place, start with 10. And if you can build up to more than 50 at the end, go on wit’cho bad self.

Remember, each set should be done three times.

Many of the exercises in this workout are inspiration from fitmixer boot camp.  If any of these moves aren’t familiar with you, I’ve included my usual visuals/explanations below:

  • plyometric lunges
  • diamond pushups (I just really like this dude’s enthusiasm)
  • reverse crunches
  • squat pulses (be sure your knees don’t go in front of your ankles, as always)
  • tricep pushups
  • 30-60 second plank
  • burpees
  • star pushups  [Complete a traditional pushups with wide arms and wide legs]
  • hip touches  [In a plank position, touch one hip to the floor. That's one rep, and you should feel it in your obliques. Complete however many reps you are doing for one side, then switch to the other hip]

And if you like the way some of these moves work yo body, you should think about joining us for the next boot camp. :) Just sayin’.

Now, go shred!

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