This one time… at rehearsal…

June 12, 2012 · 26 comments

Know what’s funny?

The moment I post about missing running, I begin the love affair all over again.

Since I had no rehearsal last night, I was pretty excited hit the pavement for some quality time with my running shoes.

Why was I neglecting my Fitmixer Boot Camp workout, you ask?

Well. There’s a story behind that.

My part in the musical, Dainty June, calls for a certain little dance move I have not yet perfected: the split.

I have been so good about stretching every day, and little by little I’m getting closer to a full split. All my friends are tired of seeing my split attempts.

So here I was, at dance rehearsal on Saturday, working on my number with “the split.”

Dance rehearsal action. Say hi to the newsboys!

I was intending to be all…

But something terrible happened in the depths of my hamstring muscle fibers. My split was super successful. And by successful, I mean a gigantic failure.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, it was a struggle to move my left leg. I’m getting increasingly worried about this split business, and I’m thinking I may have to improvise onstage to make up for my lack of splittage.

Now there’s the show everyone’s looking for.

Anywho, I’ve been spending my days since Sunday literally chilling on ice packs with a pulled hammy. And thankfully, when I take a light yog, it feels a lot better and much more flexible.

Enter: the return of the (slow) run love.


Yesterday afternoon was the first long run I’ve had in about a month, and it felt incredible. It was like meeting up with a long lost friend again. It was a slow, lumbering run that probably resembled the flightless bird, but it was still a long run.

Oh, running. I just love you.

And you will probably be my best friend until I figure out how to do a split like a normal human.

In the meantime, who knows how many stretch sessions I need before I can do this?

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