Casting 50 Shades of Grey

May 23, 2012 · 105 comments

Can I just be hired as casting director? Because, according to rumors, they’re getting it all wrong.

At least they are in my opinion.

Come on. There is no way 41-year-old John Hamm playing a hauntingly beautiful 27-year-old millionaire.

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I will be upset if they age Christian Grey and cast some oldie. The 27-year-old aspect of the character is crucial.

And Tom Hardy…. eh. Not “Christian” enough.

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He just doesn’t really scream “steel Grey” to me. For those of you who are also reading the books/have finished them… do you feel me on this?

And Ian Somerholder has apparently done some hardcore lobbying for the role. I still think he’s a little old for it… but if he was cast, I wouldn’t hate it.

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Honestly, right when I heard they were adapting the book into a movie, my thoughts immediately went to my favorite Gossip Girl man.

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If Chase beefs up and proves his acting chops worthy (Gossip Girl isn’t quite 50 Shades of Grey), he’s perfect for the role. Perfect age (26), perfect hair as described in the book, perfect looks… yeah.
And if the horrid acting of Kristen Stewart is cast as Anastasia Steele, I’ll boycott the whole shebang.

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Okay, fine, I’ll probably watch it. But I won’t do it happily.

Who would you like to see in the 50 Shades of Grey film adaptation? Any grand ideas for the role of Anastasia? Can we all agree on Jesse McCartney to play Elliot?

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