May 2012

I know, I know. We’re all in high gear getting ready for bikini season. And we’re getting pretty sore from our supersonic workouts. I know I am, at least. Fitmixer Boot Camp is no cakewalk (in a good way). With each daily boot camp routine, I learn new moves and I feel a little stronger. […]


The Gypsy cast list is up, and I am so, so excited to tell you guys where my name appears. I get to play the “5’2″ bundle of dynamite, Daintyyyyy Juuuuune!” I’m psyched. June is the feisty, angry child star who eventually runs away with a boy after her mother makes her perform the same […]


Womp Womp…

May 29, 2012 · 22 comments

Well, needless to say, the television-edited version of our trip to The Ellen Show was très disappointing. I was hanging on the beach with friends and counting on you guys to tell me how it went. Some of the tweet updates I received: Sadly, the entire dance scene was cut from the episode. WHEN DOES THAT […]


Don’t Forget…

May 28, 2012 · 7 comments

…to look for Mom and me on The Ellen Show today! 🙂 To see when it’s on where you live, check your local listings here. After our surreal trip to see Ellen, I’m pretty psyched to watch. I’m off to the beach for a long day with friends. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!


I hope you pronounced that “thea-tah.” Kailey and I love saying it like that. I alluded to something Monday’s post… I haven’t performed since high school, with exception of the national anthem at a few football, soccer, and field hockey games in college. I planned to minor in theatre in college, but once I arrived, […]


I found some things for you. I’m no mathematician, but celebrity math is something with which I could get on board. (via) For girls who prefer an it-was-cool-in-high-school themed wedding and eskimos alike. (via) Don’t try and act like it’s not true: (via) And to follow up yesterday’s 50 Shades of Grey post: (via) I’m […]


Can I just be hired as casting director? Because, according to rumors, they’re getting it all wrong. At least they are in my opinion. Come on. There is no way 41-year-old John Hamm playing a hauntingly beautiful 27-year-old millionaire. (original via) I will be upset if they age Christian Grey and cast some oldie. The […]


This post is complete social sacrifice. Here, you will see how uncool I really, truly am. Or at least how easily amused I am. Or, just as is my intent in posting this, you will see how easy it is to make workouts fun. I was feeling super sore from yesterday’s “Full House” Fitmixer Boot […]


I’m about to confess something I’m sure you guys have been able to tell from my post-surgery updates, vacation notes, and photos like these captured by Ashley. [Her photography portfolio is to die for.. of course she would capture that business.] My fitness and nutrition have kinda taken a backseat to life for the past […]


Well, we’re back on the East Coast. It’s devastating. Before we left, I started asking people on the street if they would just adopt me so I could stay forever. You all saw how surprised my mom was when she found out on the airplane we had VIP tickets to The Ellen Show. We woke […]

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