The Small Child in Me is So Happy Right Now [giveaway!]

April 12, 2012 · 389 comments

Duh nuh… duh nuh…. you know that sound.

It’s the sound of Alyssa getting a new favorite snack AND a new favorite shirt.

What’s that, you say? A new snack and a new shirt don’t go together?

Well, now they do.

Introducing Sharkies®, providing clean fuel for active lifestyles.

Sharkies® are great tasting snacks for those with an active lifestyle. I’ve always been a fruit snack fan, and these totally fit the bill. I’m a big fan, whether we’re talking about Sharkies® Organic Energy Sport Chews, the Organic Fruit Chews, or the Omega 3 Smart Twists.

I’m loving the Organic Fruit Chews and the Omega 3 Smart Twists for midday/midnight snacks.

These are the perfect “take me back to childhood” fruit snacks for health-conscious, active people. None of the sugars in Sharkies® are refined, and half the product is brown rice syrup. Sharkies® fruit snacks don’t contain any artificial dyes or flavors. This, added to the simple sugars from the fruit and organic cane, makes Sharkies® a wholesome alternative to other fruit snacks.

I know, I know. SIGN ME UP!

And Sharkies® Organic Energy Sports Chews are:

– USDA Certified Organic
– Have no artificial dyes or flavors
– Free of fat, gluten, wheat, nut and dairy
– Vegan and vegetarian friendly
– Available in four flavors: Berry Blast, Fruit Splash, Citrus Squeeze, and Watermelon Scream

It’s true. The Organic Energy Sports Chews are my new favorite pre-workout fuel.

Apparently, it’s a good thing, since “they deliver a clean source of carbohydrates and naturally occurring electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, to provide a quick energy source before or during a workout. Containing 110mg sodium, 30mg potassium, and 36g total carbohydrates per serving – Sharkies® Organic Sports Chews help to replenish what’s lost during exercise.”

Done and done.

Oh, and the Exclusive Under Armor Sharkies® shirt?

I completed a 5-mile tempo run in it yesterday. Check out my face — I’m not kidding when I say it’s the comfiest shirt I have ever worn. Ever. And since I was nice and sweaty, I wasn’t about to try to look cute for you guys.

Guess what? I’m going to control my adoration for Sharkies® and give away a gift set. Trust me, I’m tempted to keep it all for myself.

Check out what you can enter to win:

A box including samples of Sharkies® varieties, an Exclusive Sharkies® Under Armor shirt (we can be twinkies!), and a BPA-free Sport Water Bottle with special freezer stick to keep your beverage cool.

To enter*, (MANDATORY) leave me a comment stating which Sharkies® product you’re most excited to try.

For extra entries, leave separate comments telling me you did the following:

  1. Tweet something to the effect of: “@aBLYSSa is giving away a @SharkiesChews gift set. I’m entered to win some chewy slices of heaven:”
  2. Follow @SharkiesChews on Twitter

*Sorry, giveaway open to U.S. residents only. A winner will be randomly chosen on Monday, April 16.

Thank you to Sharkies® for providing free product sample and the special gift pack.

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