April 13, 2012 · 24 comments

1. You carelessly leave a typo in yesterday’s giveaway tweet prompt and force giveaway entry tweeters to sound special.

Before you call me a total space cadet, I did notice it after those first few tweets and fixed it immediately. I hate, hate when I find typos in my posts… I’ve never been known for awesome proofing skills when it comes to my own writing.

(by the way, you can still go ahead and enter that giveaway… it’s open until Monday)

2. You are psyched Drunk Uncle mentioned your name on SNL.

I just adore Drunk Uncle and his facial expressions. I think I love him because he reminds me of a more surly version of a certain friend after she’s gotten boozey…

She’s way more fun, though. SEE YA IN A FEW HOURS, LADY.

4. …and then later, in that same SNL episode, now matter how hard you try, when One Direction comes on, you just can’t shut your mouth and/or look away.

I really can’t help it. They bring out the middle schooler in me. Say what you want; I don’t care. Boy band moves just cut to the core of me. I’m such a sucker for a good heel tap.

I’m also wondering if Mr. blonde guy really sings or if he’s just there to fill the blonde-to-brunette or air-drumming ratio.


4. You have fallen victim to the same autocorrect mishap on more than one occasion, telling two different male friends “let’s rub together tomorrow!” and “I can’t wait until we can just rub together all the time.”

My iPhone really enjoys making me laugh and/or look stupid. I tried to reply to Dana’s text yesterday while planking. She asked me if I was drunk at 4:30 p.m. because I couldn’t type a coherent sentence in a minute-long plank.

I’m usually a fantastic multitasker. I don’t know what happened there.

5. This guy you don’t know happens to somehow find his photo on your blog …the day you post it… and sends it to all his coworkers, which happens to include someone you know from high school.

Sorry, bro, but I did catch you creepin’.

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