So Glad You Found Me Part II

April 20, 2012 · 34 comments

Remember the first time I showed you guys what people are typing into Google to land over here at Life of bLyss?

It’s happening again.

The following are recent Google search terms leading to LOB:

1. “WineBra”

Oh, that’s right. The WineRack. That awesome, spectacular addition to my Christmas list.

I never got it, by the way, for anyone who is looking for the perfect Memorial Day gift for me.


I’m 5’9″, you curious George. And you don’t need to yell.

3. “naturally sweet and a little nutty”

………..well, yeah, I guess I am.

4. “hungry runner girl”

I am one of those; however, you’re looking for this sweet girl‘s blog.

5. “want to lay in bed all day”

Rarely done around here, but since I can’t really move without pain, it’s actually what I’ll probably be doing all weekend.

6. “drunk girlfriend”

I do have lots of those.

7. “smiling puppy”

There she is.

8. “I am 48 and getting freakles everyday”

I’m not sure what freakles are, but I will say I think freckles are cute.

Err.. just not when they have skin cancer in them.

9. “neosporin unicorn”

I made one for you. (original photo cred)

10. “peeta leg”

(original via)

11. “makeup brush organization”

Are you watching me? How did you know I just organized my makeup brushes?

12. “i m wearing a sleeveless dress what exercises can i do for tone arms and back?”


13. “if you can t say nuffin”

…don’t say nuffin at all.

14. “smart ways to lay in a tanning bed”

No such thang, sweetiepies.

15. “”

but… why would you want to spoil it? I didn’t.

16. “cheating with popcorn”

Why does this give me a really comical mental picture?

17. “justin timberlake – smart cely”

Cely is very smart. She might be a genius. I don’t know what that has to do with Justin, though.

18. “exercise to get a donk”

Here you go.

19. “peeta is hot”

Well, duh (via)

20. “gangsta love poems for her”

Oh my God. Will someone please write me a gangtsa love poem? PLEASE?

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