April 17, 2012 · 29 comments

For those of you who guessed I was livin’ it up at a Dog Bar in Charlotte during my weekend visit to see Dana… “that is correyuct.”

On Saturday morning, after a little jog around Dana’s new neighborhood, we went exploring.

For lunch, I had my first Zoe’s Kitchen experience. I absolutely LOVED the place. We ate our hummus and pita platters al fresco.

If you have a Zoe’s Kitchen near you (ya lucky jerk), try the pasta salad. It’s to die for. Also, be nice to the cashier. He may give you free cake.

And THEN, we were pretty positive we hit the jackpot when we heard there was such a think called Dog Bar.

You heard me. It’s a legitimate bar where you can take your dog and let him or her roam free with the other dogs and owners at the bar.

There were cornhole boards (Chloe was dubbed “The Cornhole Bag Thief”), buckets of water at every turn, a fire hydrant for the boy dogs, shallow doggie pools, and toys scattered all around the place.

Chloe, as usual, thought everyone was there to play with her. Human and Canine.

Chloe and Dana actually love each other more than they love me.

If you live around the Charlotte area, I highly recommend visiting Dog Bar with your pup. Chloe adored the freedom, the pools, and the other dogs, while I loved hanging out at a bar without having to leave her in the crate.

And now Chloe’s wondering why we don’t live in Charlotte. Anyone wanna go in with me to open a Dog Bar in Virginia Beach?

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