DIY Wood Paneled Wall Art

April 26, 2012 · 41 comments

Remember when I teased you guys with a photo of my latest DIY project in progress?

It’s finished (implied flourish of the arms with head thrown back)!

I needed something BIG to slap on the wall of my living room and go with my color scheme. I chose to include two more understated colors (moss and ivory) rather than my accent color (teal) for the big piece of wall art.

It’s an easy-peasy project, especially when you already have a plethora of paint brushes at your disposal.

First, papa bear and I headed over to his version if Disney World: Home Depot.

Did you know that if you spend enough money there regularly and smile really pretty they’ll let you take one of their old wood palettes?

Pre-distressed wood? Check.

I grabbed one palette and my Dad knocked off the usable pieces. I lined up the ones I liked with an uneven edge. He then took a skinny piece to connect the pieces, nailing them together and adding wood glue to keep them in place.

After 24 hours of drying, I had my wood paneling palette.

Go buy some acrylic paint (and brushes, if you don’t have them). It’s nice and cheap at Michael’s, and their website almost always has a usable coupon.

Grab a pencil and space out where you’re going to lay out your lettering. I’m trash with a pencil, so my draft is extremely rough. I rarely end up using the guidelines, but it comes in handy for spacing.

Aaaand throw the paint on that sucka!

I sealed it with a matte acrylic finish. There are lots of great, inexpensive brands; just make sure you spray outdoors and from an arm’s length away from the project.

And then I slapped it up on the wall.

Actually, Dad slapped it on the wall. But you knew what I meant.

Q for you: if you could plaster any quote on your wall, what would it be?


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