cheribundi™ cherry juice giveaway

April 24, 2012 · 152 comments

Anyone else recovering from an injury like me?

cheribundi™ might be able to help your troubles. Tart cherry juice has amazing health benefits, particularly for those interested in recovering from exercise or running, as well as those interested in better sleep. Maybe it’s all the cheribundi™ I’ve been drinking, because since Saturday, my ribs are starting to feel much better.

cheribundi™ has more disease-fighting antioxidants than other juices and has been tested in the lab and field by athletes and people who just work out. Because cheribundi™ is all-natural and not from concentrate, it’s a feel-better and live-healthier addition to your lifestyle.

Disease-fighting antioxidants? Perfect. Get away from me, cancer.

I’ve been fighting cancer and healing my ribs all over the place with my little bottles of cheribundi™. I have some stashed in my fridge at home and at work.

And ya know what I did this weekend?

I made a cheribundi™ cherry-strawberry-vanilla smoothie. The tart addition to my usual smoothie was a welcome addition, and I was pretty proud of myself for thinking to add my cheribundi™. And, thanks to their website, I have big plans for the rest of my cheribundi™ in some new recipes.

cheribundi™ offers five different flavors of juice; tru cherry, skinny cherry, whey cherry, cacao cherry, and ginger cherry. If we’re talking taste alone, I think the tru cherry is my favorite, but I love that cheribundi™ has a skinny option, too.

I’ll cut to the chase. One United States resident Life of bLyss reader gets to try some cheribundi™, too!

MANDATORY: Leave a comment noting how cheribundi™ will supplement your lifestyle. How will it help you personally? What flavor appeals to you most?

For extra entries, you may leave separate comments stating that you:

2. Followed cheribundi™ on Twitter
3. Liked cheribundi™ on Facebook

A winner will be randomly selected (the correct way) on Thursday, April 26. Good luck!

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