April 2012

Sunday Funday

April 30, 2012 · 24 comments


Sunday Funday defined, according to urbandictionary.com: Yesterday, the party pants were on, indeed. The green party pants. I showed up on my friend Meghan’s doorstep at 10:30 sharp to get the party started. Laura, Meghan, Autumn, and I had front row balcony seats to see Hairspray at the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts. Best […]


Remember when I teased you guys with a photo of my latest DIY project in progress? It’s finished (implied flourish of the arms with head thrown back)! I needed something BIG to slap on the wall of my living room and go with my color scheme. I chose to include two more understated colors (moss […]



April 25, 2012 · 35 comments


I am struggle city lately when it comes to waking up in the morning… seriously. It must be because I just can’t seem to put down the awful book I’m reading at night (good LORD, Fifty Shades of Grey) but I’m now waking up and snoozing for 10 minutes. Does that even make sense? I’ve […]


Anyone else recovering from an injury like me? cheribundi™ might be able to help your troubles. Tart cherry juice has amazing health benefits, particularly for those interested in recovering from exercise or running, as well as those interested in better sleep. Maybe it’s all the cheribundi™ I’ve been drinking, because since Saturday, my ribs are starting […]


Remember the first time I showed you guys what people are typing into Google to land over here at Life of bLyss? It’s happening again. The following are recent Google search terms leading to LOB: 1. “WineBra” Oh, that’s right. The WineRack. That awesome, spectacular addition to my Christmas list. I never got it, by […]


1. Guess who is a huge space cadet? This girl. I am. And I feel like a great big jerk. I’m really sorry… I totally tried to quickly write up Monday’s post, failing to correctly set the random.org parameters to select a Sharkies giveaway winner. Sam was the sweetest person alive after I explained apologized […]


There was once a girl who spent most of her time in Virginia Beach… (and Washington D.C. and Philadelphia and Charlotte). She liked to run. A lot. Maybe too much. When she wasn’t running, she liked to rock her inner meathead. Being strong is fun, and joking about her “huge” muscles was funner. This girl […]



April 17, 2012 · 29 comments


For those of you who guessed I was livin’ it up at a Dog Bar in Charlotte during my weekend visit to see Dana… “that is correyuct.” On Saturday morning, after a little jog around Dana’s new neighborhood, we went exploring. For lunch, I had my first Zoe’s Kitchen experience. I absolutely LOVED the place. […]


First things first… congrats to the beautiful Sam on winning the Sharkies giveaway! E-mail me with your address, lady, so I can send this gift box over to you! Obviously, running a marathon is no joke. I’m super excited for those running Boston today, and my stomach is in knots just waiting to watch everyone […]


1. You carelessly leave a typo in yesterday’s giveaway tweet prompt and force giveaway entry tweeters to sound special. Before you call me a total space cadet, I did notice it after those first few tweets and fixed it immediately. I hate, hate when I find typos in my posts… I’ve never been known for […]

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