Running for Beginners: A Treadmill Interval Workout

March 6, 2012 · 39 comments

I am asked frequently how to “get started” running. I know the process can be very frustrating for beginners. I honestly feel like I’m starting from square one again after being sidelined for surgery.

And as I hit the treadmill yesterday for the first time since before surgery (I’ve solely been running outside since), I was reminded of how I actually transitioned myself from an elliptical lady to a treadmill queen.

Seriously, after I stopped playing field hockey in college, I didn’t do a darned thing. I was so maxed out from 12 years of sports that all I wanted to do was be lazy.

And then my need for fitness kicked in again, of course. So I hit the elliptical, and I lived on that thing. And then I got bored.

So, I’d start with treadmill intervals. I still remember how rough it was first getting on the treadmill. I was so proud of myself when I’d run a whole mile without stopping on that hamster wheel… because I was just so gosh darn bored.

Essentially, I’d increase my speed as I completed mileage. Once I hit a mile, I’d go back down to a low speed and bump up the incline. This can be done using a myriad of speeds and incline levels, but I made a 2.5 mile sample starting from square one.

Pin It

I wanna hear how this works for all you beginner runners. Feel free to save/pin/print this puppy and stick it on your treadmill to remind you when to switch up your speed and incline. As you build endurance, you’ll see how easy this gets and be able to bump up your speeds.

What are your favorite tips for running beginners? Are you a fan of interval workouts? They completely cure my boredom.

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