Prioritizing Protein: Tips to Get it in Your Diet

March 28, 2012 · 35 comments

I have followed a high-protein diet for as long as I can remember.

That’s right, I choose to not remember my college meals of Easy Mac, M&M trail mix, and peanut butter crackers. That never happened.

Anyway, I’d say I work pretty hard to incorporate protein into my mostly veggie-filled meals.

Protein is one of the body’s main building blocks for muscle, bone, skin, and other tissues. It keeps your belly full longer and it helps the body recover after a workout (which is partly why chocolate milk is such a great refuel!). I prioritize protein in my diet because it aids in tissue repair, provides energy, and and helps fight off illness and disease. It also helps build our skin, hair, and nails.

[Edited to Add: I’m always experimenting with different protein pancake concoctions, but Julie’s banana bread protein pancake recipe was a family favorite.]

Did you know our body doesn’t store protein? That, my friends, is why it’s important to eat healthy protein daily. Because I’m anemic, it’s especially important for me to get my protein.

Let’s talk protein sources.

I’m a big advocate for lean protein. My favorite protein-filled diet staples include egg whites, Greek yogurt, turkey breast, almond butter, and quinoa. On a typical day, I’ll eat 3-4 of those. And when I know I’m not getting enough of those lean protein sources, I’ll turn to protein supplements.

Protein powder in smoothies, protein powder in pancakes, protein powder in oatmeal… it can go down in lots of different ways. Depending on my mood, I generally go for the traditional chocolate or vanilla protein powder.

You all know I’m a chocoholic. The best chocolate protein powder I’ve tried is actually a brand my dad picked up after I got him into smoothies. Optimum Nutrition Double Rich Chocolate… it’s the money. I highly recommend it with some frozen berries, spinach, cocoa powder, and a pinch of xanthan gum. Your body will be so happy with all that protein.

Add some protein to your diet. For more ideas, check out these easy protein-packed recipe ideas from some of my friends:

Clare’s egg white muffins
Gina’s breakfast cookie
Gabriela’s pumpkin milkshake smoothie
Lindsay’s vanilla pear pops
Julie’s peanut butter protein bars

Or get yourself some protein supplements from Happy travels in your valiant quest for protein.

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