March 2012

When I walked my middle and high school hallways alone, everyone would ask me the same question. “Where’s Maggie?” circa 2006 There she is! My other half. Growing up, we were inseparable. The last time I saw her was when she visited Virginia Beach for my 24th birthday weekend. We haven’t changed too much, have […]


Colleen just absolutely made my week. Did you hear the news? Everyone in my life is going to be so excited I will soon have an arsenal of new Anchorman quotes. I guess some people feel 8 years of daily Anchorman 1 quotes is too much. I’m not one of those people. Okay, switching gears […]


I have followed a high-protein diet for as long as I can remember. That’s right, I choose to not remember my college meals of Easy Mac, M&M trail mix, and peanut butter crackers. That never happened. Anyway, I’d say I work pretty hard to incorporate protein into my mostly veggie-filled meals. Protein is one of […]


Sorry, this giveaway has ended. With some chopped ‘nanas. In your favorite smoothie. Straight up. …or with a sprinkle of added cinnamon. With some LOVE GROWN FOODS sprinkled on top. Alongside your favorite fruit salad. Or, ya know, just with… anything. How do you enjoy your Chobani? Honestly, it depends on my mood. But, either […]


Funny Munnday?

March 26, 2012 · 43 comments

I tried to make those words go together better. Forgive me. I had this post ready for Friday; however, I had to give my two cents on the Hunger Games movie premiere. SO, for today, Happy Monday! Brightoom answered my plea for race photos with a few doozies of the Shamrock Half Marathon. The moral […]


…I promise. **BUT, if you haven’t read the books and don’t want the relationship dynamics revealed, don’t read this.** I need to say something about my midnight Hunger Games movie event. I refuse to ruin the grand event for you, but I WILL tell you I was very satisfied leaving the theater at 2:45 a.m. […]


GUESS WHAT TONIGHT IS? via I think Jennifer Lawrence and I were separated at birth. She’s got my same exact fistpump “yussss” form. I’ve got my braid and jimjams ready. Lisa-Marie and I will be guzzling caffeine in preparation for the midnight showing. via And, to answer your surgery questions, I’m doing well over here. […]


Dog Collars Etc.

March 21, 2012 · 36 comments

My little petunia thinks it’s cool to tear stuff to shreds. I fell in love with that purple sparkly $25 collar. Within two days of wearing it, she had torn off and eaten the end of it. Awesome, right? Almost as awesome as when she popped my Bender Ball and the replacement ball I bought […]


If you recall, I was all stressed about running for time vs. running for fun for the Shamrock Half Marathon. After being unable to train due to surgery, I was frustrated and assumed I’d have a rough time running another 13.1. I quickly remembered the reason I adore the Shamrock is because of how amazingly […]


Give Me A Moment…

March 19, 2012 · 38 comments

As you’re reading this, I’m having my second (and final, let’s hope..) surgery. I’ll be back soon, don’t you worry. In the meantime, ‘ll leave you with a preview of how Sunday’s Shamrock Half Marathon went: We wore tutus. My quads hurt. And my toesies hurt. My belly is full. …More on all that later.

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