Back on The Wagon

February 28, 2012 · 28 comments

I have been getting e-mails, texts, tweets, and carrier pigeons asking me this, that, and the other about the ol’ nutrition plan.

Are you guys starting to like the idea of this stuff now that bikini season is approaching? ;)

Well. As I told you before, I’ve been off the wagon for a bit after surgery. I ate healthily last week… and then the weekend hit and I decided brownies, mimosas, and popcorn belonged in my belly.

My wounds were demanding that comfort food.

TODAY, I’m telling you all I’m getting fully back on with JWFNS train and following my plan.

Which means you’re all officially being held accountable for my actions. If I tweet something about brownies or spinach dip, I kindly ask that you telekinetically knock it out of my kung fu grip and replace it with a carrot. Or an apple.

Actually, bananas are my favorite, so do that one.

If you have any questions about my plan, how to get a plan, or just wanna be nosy about “plans” my friend Jim makes in general, look what you can do to get caught up:

Check out the left sidebar. See the menu “View Posts on… ?” Select nutrition

And there ya go.

I plan to bring my favorite little Wasa crackas back into the rotation. I’ve been craving these guys slathered in Laughing Cow Light and turkey breast with an egg white.

And with my favorite apple butternut squash soup by Chelsey tonight. It’ll be the perfect finish to the very cold run I’m planning to take after work.

I also plan to stay on my feet the entire time.

Although, ya know, I usually plan things that way.. and then I end up like this.

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