The Loofah Got a Birthday Shoutout

January 10, 2012 · 41 comments

A 24th birthday weekend recap is in order.

These pictures make me deliriously happy, so you’re gonna be hit with a lot of them.

Maggie and Dana arrived on Friday just as the weekend activities kicked off.

Since Chloe was at my parents last time Maggie came to visit me, it was her first time meeting the sasspot. As evidenced, they hit it off right away.

And since enthusiasm was at an all-time high as soon as Dana arrived, we decided to hit the oceanfront for some pre-birthday fun.

The SAME night some jerk stranger dropped my point-and-shoot camera and broke it (who wants to throw some cheapy point-and-shoot recommendations my way? Nikon CoolPix, perhaps?).

And after a “Jersey Girl Boardwalk Run” with Jamie and a delicious breakfast at Badass Coffee, we hit the mall for the day before getting ready for birthday fun.

But seriously, how weird is it that three of my closest friends from completely different parts of my life are all from an hour radius of each other in New Jersey?

Just naturally hitting the prom pose.

As we awaited the arrival of the limo, all my good Virginia Beach friends began to trickle into my house.

My pretty Lisa-Marie was there, of course. Do you recognize pictures of this room from her Bachelorette Party this summer?

And, of course, my tinsel twin.

This is like a roll call of Life of bLyss characters.

Do my friend JP and I look like we’re at our wedding, or what?

And look. Once the limo arrived, we tried to get a group shot in front with my broken camera.

Which turned out awesome.

We hit the karaoke bar first… where we impressed barmates with our renditions of Don’t Stop Believin’, Genie in a Bottle, and Just What I Needed. I’m sure you wish you were there to experience, and I know I wish my CAMERA WORKED to capture it for you. Thankfully, Dana and Maggie got some shots of the fun.

Then came my favorite stop. Remember when we went to the bar after our “Halloween Part II” party and were the only ones dressed up? Well, we went to see that same band play. The Deloreans, a fantastic 80’s band.

And as we walked in, I showed them my birthday pin, asked them if they remembered me, and asked them to play Journey “BECAUSE IT’S MY FAVORITE!”

Apparently, when you dress as a loofah, everyone will remember you for the rest of time.

Suddenly, just as I hear the first few bars of Don’t Stop Believin’ (yeah, for the second time that night…), I hear “We’ve got a birthday girl in the house. The last time we saw this girl, she was a loofah. She was wearing nothing. but. loofah.”

She pulled me onstage, I got to dance and sing with them for the entire song. I was a little kindasorta ecstatic about it and afterwards texted Anastasia and my mom that “I was a Deloreans when I turned 24.”

This was taking place as the clock struck midnight, it became January 8th, and I turned 24.

Who else feels like they see my SnackFace friend in that picture above? Thanks for showing up, Kailey.

And that’s how I spent my 24th birthday. The final two bars we hit have no pictures or memories, and therefore, don’t exist in blogworld.

Good thing Jamie graciously captured this to give you all a true visual of the birthday excitement.

Birthday girl needs a bobby pin.

And maybe some varied dance moves.

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