What I Learned in 2011

December 30, 2011 · 39 comments

To say the least, 2011 was quite the year.


A new beginning occurred just as a big part of my life ended.

I learned the trials and tribulations of raising a black lab puppy who is almost as sassy as I am.

I’ve learned that life goes on. And I love the quote, “God has three answers to our prayers. ‘Yes,’ ‘Not Yet,’ or ‘I have something better in mind.’

I learned to really, truly enjoy running. And I learned that anything can be accomplished if I throw your heart and soul into it. Even 26.2 miles.

I learned that life would be next to impossible without the support from those who love me.

I learned how much I freaking love BIC Bands. Should I be embarrassed to admit I own about 8 of the sparkly ones?

I learned to enjoy post-run ice baths.

And that they are way better with a running twin. ;)

I learned how difficult and heartwrenching it is watching two family members battle cancer in the same year. And then I learned the joy of having my dad and sister both beat cancer in the same year.

I learned that the blog world can connect me with so many awesome girls who are just like me (a crazy amount like me… it’s weird, you guys).

I learned the wonders of coaching middle school field hockey. Oh, the wonders…

I learned that I won’t collapse and die if I wake up early for morning workouts. I learned to enjoy them, even if it did mean showering at the gym before work.

I learned how rewarding, touching, and fun it can be to help plan the wedding of two of my closest friends.

How beautiful is that? Lisa-Marie made it for me for Christmas.

I learned to do abs with one leg in the air to keep a certain dog from climbing on my chest while doing my crunches.

I discovered a passion for creating obnoxious costumes and sporting them in public.

I learned all about nutrition, what works for me, and how rewarding it is to see results.

I learned that I still really like wine. No shocker there.

I’ve got high hopes for 2012. Are you ready? What did you learn this past year?

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