The First Measurements

December 22, 2011 · 40 comments

I’ve got news.

And it’s good news.

Many of you have been inquiring all about my nutrition plan created for me by my good friend Jim who owns his own fitness and nutrition studio (read more about the plan here, here, and here).

Yesterday hit the 30-day mark of my plan, and moseyed on over to Jim’s for my first measurements.

Now, keep in mind… this is on the plan Jim created for me plus some wiggle room. I have been traveling a lot lately, and therefore, I’ve been unable to keep my regimen perfect.

I have, however, been staying away from holiday treats. Snaps for me… I recommend this plan of action if you’re avoiding the holiday poundage. ;)

My inability to follow Jim’s plan just reinforces how well Jim’s personalized plan works — I’m seeing results regardless of my inability to follow the plan absolutely perfectly.

After 30 days:

  • weight: 5 pounds lost
  • waist: .5 inch lost
  • hips: 1.75 inch lost
  • abdomen: 1.5 inches lost
  • body fat: 2% decrease
  • BMI: .6 decrease

Jim was a proud Yoda.

And now, 30 days to go until my next check-in. The plan won’t change, save an increase in loyalty on my part. ;)

Now for the hard part — steering clear of the santa hat trail mix leftovers and my sister’s chocolate pecan pie I’m sure she’s bringing to Christmas (hint hint, Amy… ooorrr maybe just don’t make it so my life is easier).

Stay away, santa hats.

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