Speaking of Style…

December 13, 2011 · 45 comments

You should see what I’ve been rockin’ in honor of the holidays.

Or I guess I should say… what I’ve been coercing my friends to wear with me on the holidays.

Because as you all know, I rarely make a fool out of myself solo.

That’s right. For the tacky Christmas party, we were the Tacky Tinsel Twins. Mad props to Heidi Jo for agreeing to this (yeah, I just said “mad props”).

A pretty easy/inexpensive costume, too. All you need is some garland, present bows, and a little creativity. And a big fat black Santa belt.

And a willing friend to sport a costume which makes you both look slightly obese.

I also recommend making friends with Frank (in his Bieber Santa getup), because he makes for some great photo ops.

But who really needs mistletoe this days?

If you’re lucky, Santa will show up, too.

And remember that Surf n Santa 10 miler Anastasia and I ran two weeks ago?

We may have run in sporting gift sacks. Clearly, everyone around us was wondering if we truly did belong in Corral 1.

No. Shame.

Whatcha think of that red lipstick action?

We made sure to hold hands for the finish, since we didn’t get to do so for the marathon.

Cute gift sacks, right?

And yes, I am filing this post under “fashion.” Because that’s most definitely this is.

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