Bet You Didn’t

December 6, 2011 · 32 comments

I bet you didn’t…

1. …get all ghetto-tastic with your Christmas lights this year.

I may have planned to string these lights along my rooftop and just got lazy. Also, climbing solo up rickety ladders freaks me out.

2. …get a package from the North Pole last night.


Clearly, I hit The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap Jackpot with a match FROM THE NORTH POLE. Cutiepie Jenn sent me some Cinnadoodles, and I’m forever grateful. And kinda wanna frame this box as a Christmas decoration.

P.S. I’m thinking Jenn made these so she could say “Cinnadoodle” over and over again as she baked. I probably would. It’s fun to say… like “cups.” Or “Chicklets.” Or Francisco.

Okay, no, maybe I won’t. I think I’m getto enough with my Christmas-lit shrub. I’d still love to see how sicknasty Jenn’s hometown looks at Christmastime. Maybe a postcard, Jenn?

3. …feel like a gigantic alcoholic when pouring the (non-alcoholic) Bailey’s coffee creamer into your coffee at work this morning.

Work might get stressful, but I haven’t gone that far.



4. …have your day made when one of your all-time favorite episodes of Friends airs.

And you’re all in luck. I found the exact clip I adore so much.

Further evidence that I need a Chandler Bing in my life ASAP.

5. …completely forget to announce the lucky winner of the Around It Goes Vintage Giveaway.

WHOOPS. Sorry, guys… my weekend left me brain dead (pictures of that coming later).

Congratulations, Lauren! E-mail me with your item of choice and I’ll get you hooked up with Katherine. :)

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