Christmas Wishes from the Past

December 24, 2011 · 22 comments

Did you check out the winners of the Love Grown Foods granola giveaway?

I’ve been at my parents house in North Carolina since Wednesday night keeping pretty busy.

I have awesome friends who send me books so I don’t feel the need to drop another $24 on audiobooks (THANK YOU, Sara!)

And I’ve been working hard to stay motivated to sweat. Why do I feel so lazy whenever I come home?

However, I’d be lying if I said it’s been difficult running in almost 60 degree weather with sights of the Albemarle Sound. ;)

Tonight, my sister will arrive with her family… and Christmas madness will ensue.

There may be some matching pajama pictures…

I may leave out some cookies out for Santa…

and I’m kicking myself for not adding My Little Ponies and Etch-a-Sketch to my Christmas list this year.

I will, however, be sure to chill in a pile of Christmas stuffed animals…

…stick a bow on my head as we unwrap gifts (hold the Barq’s Root Beer this year)…

…and, if you’re lucky, re-create this scene my parents threw on a Christmas card when I was in middle school.

I will personally high-five anyone who had better “awkward years” eyebrows than I did.

…and I will not be chilling by the dessert table (ahem).

I will, however, be sending you all lots and lots of Christmas cheer.

I talked to Santa about it. He says we’re good.

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