You’ve Gotta See This

November 17, 2011 · 34 comments

All of these. You’ve gotta see ‘em.

I think I stared at the above picture thinking back for a solid 60 seconds. WHAAAT? WHAT DID YOU DO, HARRY? WHAT DID YOU DO.


Where can I purchase this bad boy? I need to start painting these for bLyss Designs.

And drink out of it.

I’m going against what I said before and decided I will one day have a child. So I can wear this.


You’re welcome for the addition to your Christmas list, Brittany, Gina, and Katie.

And all of this is brought to you by the art of good ol’ distraction. There are so many things I should be getting done in my evenings, and instead I’m tooling on the internet.

On Facebook. On Pinterest. On Someecards.

I’m also a bad influence on all my friends. I’m pretty positive I can convince anyone to get on Pinterest. Even my dad.



I’ve come to a conclusion.

Social Media = a concept invented by the Chinese to make all Americas even less productive, and therefore, more vulnerable to relinquished world leader status to China.

You win, guys. You win.

In the meantime, I’ll be kitting myself a laptop compubody sock via a Pinterest knitting tutorial.


Oh wait. That would never work. The computer is the one to blame for my distractions in the first place.

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